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Prior Sales Gallery Gone but Not Forgotten

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Comb with Pastiglia, Gothic, Finely Carved and Decorated, Excellent
Early 15th Century
Probably Commissioned by an English Gallant for His Lady Love
Boxwood finely carved and decorated with Pastiglia, painted brown - SOLD

Antique Carved Comb, Gothic, Possibly Love Token, side one entire

Impressed gesso reliefs (pastiglia); in corners, monsters with human heads; obverse features Ysolt and Tristram, clad in houppelandes, who see the reflection of Mark who is hiding in tree within the pool at their feet. On the reverse is a scene depicting an assault on the castle of love; in the tree, are flutists centering the feasting couple; flanking the tree are tilting knights with attendant, one fallen. Lettered scrolls: Tristram gardes de dire vilane por la pisson de la fontaine - Dame ie voroi per ma foi qui fu ave nos monsignor le roi - De Deu sot il candana qui dementi la dame loial Lettered scrolls: pour(?) amour de vo (?) amie jolle (?). (Dimensions: 7.5 by 7.5".)



RARE Carved Cathead in Form of Lion’s Head, Attributed to John Haley Bellamy
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Circa 1860ish
Used to Decorate Booms/Derricks for Raising Anchor, both Merchant & Naval
White pine, displaying traces of paint, 14 by 13” - SOLD

Antique Carved Cathead in form of a Lion's Head, Attributed to John Bellamy, Circa 1860, angle view

See, American Eagle – The Bold Art & Brash Life of John Haley Bellamy by James A. Craig, pp. 35 and 36, figure 3.6.

A closely related example is in the collection of Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, Massachusetts, and is illustrated in Jean Lipman and Alice Winchester, The Flowering of American Folk Art 1776-1876 (New York, 1974), p. 137.

Also, M. V. Brewington, Shipcarvers of North America (Barre, MA, 1962), p. 106.

Marian Klamkin and Charles Klamkin, Wood Carvings, North American Folk Sculptures (New York, 1974), p. 11.

Yvonne Brault Smith, John Haley Bellamy, Carver of Eagles (Hampton, NH., 1982), p. 85.

Robert M. Doty, By Good Hands, New Hampshire Folk Art (Manchester, NH 1989), fig. 52.

589-15 - SOLD

Doris Stauble Still Life, Fruits, Berries, Seedlings and Fabric Leaves in Green Box
Wiscasset, Maine, Doris Stauble (1918 to 2007)
Papier Mache Fruits in Pantry Box Retaining Original Green Paint - SOLD

Antique Doris Stauble Still Life with Fruits, Berries and Seedlings in a Green Box, Maine, angle view

The artist bought contents of a warehouse on the Hudson River, stocked with Victorian millinery fruits, flowers and other small decorative objects. Doris used antique containers as the foundations in which she arranged a wide variety of interesting forms and textures; she employed her artistic eye, her understanding of color and form to create these sought-after one-of-a-kind compositions. (7 by 8.5”)

1072-33 - SOLD

Mangle Board, Horse Handle Smoothing Board, Chip Carved, Incised, Original Surface
Dated 1793 - SOLD

Antique Mangle Board, Smoothing Board, Norwegian, 1793, angle view

Featuring overall chip-carved alternating geometric roundels, standing horse with pierced handle centered by undulating vine; the whole with channel-molded border, a fine and early courtship gift.
(Dimensions: 23.5" L.)

1032-76 - SOLD

Heart in Hand Staff, Oddfellows, Carved, Original Surface, L: 58"
Late 19th Century
Likely for a small and rural lodge; heart n' hand, buttoned shirt cuff
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested - SOLD

Antique Heart in Hand Staff, Oddfellows, Late 19th Century, heart in hand detail

431-78 - SOLD

Antique Shadowbox, Bird and rabbit Fabric and Paper Sculpture
Possibly Amish
Circa 1865 to 1890
Wood, glass, wool, cotton, wire, paper and paint - SOLD

Antique Shadowbox, Bird and Rabbit, Fabric and Paper, Pennsylvania, angle view

Lancaster Old Order Woman practiced a broad range of textile arts; particularly popular were these small birds and rabbits inspired by carved and painted examples. Displayed is a robust wreath of flowers, cherries and leaves that center a pair of birds while rabbits are seen in the lower corners.
(H: 14.25"; W: 19.25": D: 4")

201-345 - SOLD

Classical Woman
Carved Black Walnut
Circa 1870 to 1900 - SOLD

Antique Carving, Bust of Classical Woman, entire view

Antique Carving, Bust of Classical Woman, angle view

Carved "in the round" and remaining in fine old surface with good patina.
(Height: 69.25".)

346-10 - SOLD

Folk Art Carved Pipe
Anonymous, antique - SOLD

Antique Carved Pipe, Folk Art, Anonymous, angle on stand view

Carved of hardwood, looks to be walnut; dog perched on stem clasping the bowl featuring human face; good dry patina and fine condition. (L: 4.25")

203-214 - SOLD

Carved Elk Head
American...great color and patina
19th Century
A magnificent beast...perfect for lodge or large room.
Fine original condition. (Antlers are actually real.) - SOLD

Antique Carving, Elk Head, with Real Antlers, entire view

Dimensions without antlers: 49" high, 34" wide, 32" deep.
Dimensions with antlers (approximate): 73" high, 46" wide, 48" deep.

451-3 - SOLD

Milliner's Carved Model of Man's Head, Wig Stand
Probably America
Pine - SOLD

Antique Carved Model, Milliner's Model, Wig Stand, right angle view

A wonderful stylized carving used as hat/wig stand in old natural color.
(Dimensions: 15" high.)

690-2 - SOLD

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