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19th C. Whirligig, Mustached Soldier Wearing Tails, Metal Epaulettes, Bicorn Hat
Date/Period: Circa 1860 - 1880 - SOLD

19th C. Whirligig, Mustached Soldier Wearing Tails, Metal Epaulettes, Bicorn Hat Anonymous, entire view

Measurement: Height: 15.5"

Material: Pine, brass upholstery tacks, sheet iron, polychrome

Condition: Weathering, great patina, tiny bit of mustache loss, displays well

Additional Information: This gig with knife blade thin paddles displays traces of
original paint and a robust weathered patina. Of special interest are the sheet iron
epaulettes, carved shoes, and brass buttons. The gig comes with a small wall bracket
for display; we can have fabricated a display stand for flat surface.



Dewy Boy Sailor Whirligig, Small, Carved and Painted, Possibly Nantucket - SOLD

Antique Small Dewy Boy Sailor Whirligig, Carved and Painted, angle view

(Paddles replaced; H: 8.5”, W: 6.5”)

1163-3 - SOLD

Whirligig, Folk Art, Man Wearing Hat Similar to Kepi, Square Nailed, Great Surface
19th Century (1860 to 1870ish)
Unknown Maker - SOLD

Antique Whirligig, Man Wearing Kepi Hat, 19th Century, right angle view

Competently carved, square nails secure armature, goateed man wearing kepi/ forage cap with leather brim reminiscent of Civil War era; carved and painted facial features.
(H on Stand: 19"; H: 11")

853-18 - SOLD

Man Standing in Boat Whirligig
Late 19th to Early 20th Century - SOLD

Antique Whirligig, Man in a Boat, Old Paint Remnants, left angle view
Antique Whirligig, Man in a Boat, Old Paint Remnants, right angle view

Interesting form. Remnants of old greenish-blue paint. No arms. Measures 15-inches by 3-inches by 12-inches.

125-2 - SOLD

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