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Antique Folk Art Walking Stick, Carved, Polychrome
Anonymous, 19th Century…wonderful - SOLD

Antique Folk Art Walking Stick, Carved, Polychrome 
Anonymous, 19th Century…wonderful, entire view 1

Hand holding egg handle, wonderful full-length man and woman above coiled serpent
having sheet iron tongue. Excellent original condition. (Length: 35.5")



Antique Walking Stick, a Fine Cane with Presentation, Gold Gilt, Large Knobbed Handle
Likely a 50th Anniversary Gift, Presented to J.P. Towson by Help / No. 4 / Wosted Department - SOLD

Antique Walking Stick, a Fine Cane with Presentation, Gold Gilt, Large Knobbed Handle
Likely a 50th Anniversary Gift, Presented to J.P. Towson by Help / No. 4 / Wosted Department, entire view

A beautiful Victorian presentation cane of turned ebony having a steel tipped German silver ferrule.
The pommel displays fine repoussé scrolling and chasing.
(Length: 34”)



Glass Cane, Parade Cane, Red, White and Blue Swirls, Knob Handle
Boston and Sandwich?
Circa 1875 - SOLD

Antique Cane, Glass, Parade Cane, Knob Handle, Circa 1875, entire view

Elongated and twisted rod with hollow bulb finial ornamented with spiraling canes of red, white and blue incased in clear glass. (L: 40.25")

556-54 - SOLD

Folk Art Cane, Relief Carved, Outstanding Composition and Surface
Unknown Maker
19th Century - SOLD

Antique Folk Art Cane, Relief Carved, 19th Century, entire view 1

The handle is a hatted man waiting 1820's style coat standing on barrel; perhaps falling down drunk! The shaft with intertwined vine and clover centering milk-maid with cow, other human figures and barnyard animals displays a wonderful dark finish with great patina. An outstanding aesthetic; appears to have been carved of wood with soft center whereas there is definitive evidence of fill limited to a lower section of the core. The raised trailing vine and carvings were not compromised; ancient restoration now with perfectly matched color and patina. An examiner may likely miss the repair during inspection as we initially did. The cane is complete with custom display base.
(L: 36.75")

310-117 - SOLD

Cane, Walking Stick, Carved Hand, Pointing Finger, Puzzle Ball, Relief Heart
Unknown Maker, Probably Late 19th Century
Great folk art, wonderful surface, mixed woods, inlays, and incising - SOLD

Antique Cane, Carved Hand, Pointing Finger, Probably Late 19th Century, entire view

(Excellent original condition, professionally crafted display stand; L: 34.25")

216-496 - SOLD

Woodsman's Cane, Scratch Carved Stag Horn Grip, Max Axtell, Fish Ornament
Found in New York State
Antique - SOLD

Antique Woodsman's Cane, Stag Horn Grip, Scratch Carved Decoration, entire view

(L: 33.5")

1062-3 - SOLD

Snake Staff, Carved and Painted Fraternal Lodge Artifact
Complete with Wall Display Bracket
Last Quarter Nineteenth Century
Unknown Maker
Folk art carved and painted forked-tongue serpent coiled around staff - SOLD

Antique Staff, Carved Snake, Fraternal Lodge Artifact, 19th Century, entire view

(Fine original condition; L: 38.5")

606-43 - SOLD

Folk Art Cane, Walking Stick, Carved Head and Shoulder of Black Gentleman
American, Possibly Southern
19th Century
Carved in two pieces - SOLD

Antique Carved Walking Stick, American, Possibly Southern, 19th Century, entire view

Appears to retain original surface with minor in-paint pretty much limited to the shaft.
Dimensions: 32.75" L.

898-16 - SOLD

Walking Stick, Civil War Veteran, US Colored Troops, Engraved C. H. Remick Cambridge, Massachusetts
19th Century
Stag Horn Handle, Silver Collar, The Cane Is Carved "Lookout Mt" - SOLD

Antique Walking Stick, Civil War Veteran, Massachusetts, 19th Century, facing right view

Clarke H. Remick of Chelsea, MA, enlisted into the 35th Mass Infantry in July, 1862 serving with them during the battles of South Mountain, Antietam, and Fredericksburg, after which he was discharged for disability. In June of 1863 he was commissioned as a 1st Lieutenant into the 35th USCT Infantry, serving with that unit until the end of the War, and then serving as a Captain with the 103rd USCT Infantry until 1866 (not verified).
(L: 36")

308-340 - SOLD

Cane, Folk Art Carved Walking Stick, African American
Fruitwood, possibly pear wood
Second Half 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Cane, Folk Art Carved, African American, entire view

The curvaceous handle is beautifully carved; depicted is a human head of African descent with exaggerated features; this section with strong traces of black stain. On the reverse is a woman in long gown, resting at/on an obelisk-like pedestal. (L: 36")

497-72 - SOLD

Face With Hat Cane
Probably third quarter...19th century
Varnished hickory - SOLD

Antique Cane, Carved Face with Hat, Pennsylvania, entire view

An interesting example...the round handle worn smooth from use; traces of black paint on all surfaces. Great color and patina. The grip above shaft with seven geometric knops between each which is entasis; this slight convexity adds movement compounding the visual interest. The brass sewing thimble served well as a clever make-do ferrule. (H. 34.25; w. 5.25-inches.)

881-12 - SOLD

Walking Stick, Carved and Polychrome Cane, Folk Art
Unknown Maker
19th Century - SOLD

Antique Carved and Polychrome Walking Stick, 19th Century, entire view

Rose bud, leaves and other devices above gloved and ringed hand having bracelet at wrist; continuing to rattlesnake with pinhead eyes hanging from branch and coiled around the stick and centering a morning glory-like flower. The stick displays competent carving, a wonderful surface; brass ferrule; a single small chip to leave with else fine. (L: 35")

843-156 - SOLD

Cane, Carved, Figure of Woman
Shaft with Branch Spurs and Coiled Snake Eating Frog
19th Century
Possibly Spain - SOLD

Antique Cane, Carved, Figure of Woman, 19th Century, entire view

The shaft with branch-spurs features a conforming coiled serpent about to consume a frog surmounted by a finely carved, fully accessorized figure of a gowned woman; her garments feature fine scratch-decoration and detail; inlayed eyes. (Dimensions: 34" L.)

497-73 - SOLD

Cane, Folk Art, Carved, Polychrome Anonymous, "RL"
Late 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Cane, Folk Art, Polychrome Decoration, entire view

An outstanding example featuring a fruitwood grip above an eagle carved with heart drop horn ferrule applied with brass upholstery tacks. The shaft is entirely carved and features crossed American flags centering the above mentioned heart, a rattle snake seizes an alligator's tail; a jack knife; a banded-keg above a bird above a full length figure of a man with gun. Also ornamenting this remarkable effort is a dog, a bird sitting atop a cane, and long leafy vines. The maker used a brass sewing thimble for ferrule and applied varnish overall-preserving the red, black, and green pigments that are now tightly crazed and in great patina. The overall condition is fine. Dimensions: 33.75" L.

203-220 - SOLD

Canes, Carved, Folk Art
Sold separately

Antique Canes, Carved and Folk Art, group view

Left to right:
Cane, Folk Art, Carved Grip, Rosewood Shaft
19th Century

Cane, Mahogany Shaft
19th Century

Cane, Stylized Dog Handle, Good Color
19th Century
Antique Cane with Stylized Dog Handle, handle detail
(L: 37.5")

Cane, Sailor's Knot Grip, Brass Ferrule
19th Century

Cane, Carved, Coiled Serpent
Late 19th Century
Antique Cane with Carved Coiled Serpent, handle detail
This example with carved grip appears to have never had a ferrule; imperfections just under grip.
(L: 35.5")

Cane, Ebonized Shaft, Ferrule
19th Century

Cane, Carved, Folk Art, Human Face with Horns
19th Century
Antique Folk Art Cane with Human Face and Horns, handle detail
(L: 38")

Buggy Whip, Grip and Decorative Orb
19th Century

Walking Stick, Scrimshaw
Whalebone, Carved, Painted Stick
Sperm Whale Grip - SOLD

Antique Walking Stick, Scrimshaw Handle, Painted, entire view

Painted bamboo walking stick with a carved whalebone handle, cast pewter collar, one fluke on the whale is broken.
Dimensions: 35-inches long.

604-27 - SOLD

Carved Cane
Rooster, woman, and trailing floral leafy motif - SOLD

Antique Cane, Carved, Pennsylvania, entire view

See Just For Nice, Carving And Whittling Magic Of Southeastern Pennsylvania by Richard and Mary Machmer, page 31 for related works.
Dimensions: 37-inches long.

216-379 - SOLD

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