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AAAWT, Inc. trades in firearms manufactured on or before 1898 ONLY. The U.S. exempts these antiques. Gun laws
vary widely from country to country. Please check your own Federal, State, or local laws to determine your legal
responsibility. AAAWT, Inc. complies with all applicable firearms and related laws without exception.

Blunt & Syms Underhammer
Pepperbox, Ring Trigger,
Concealed Hammer New York,
NY 828-8 - SOLD

Sharps Breech Loading
4-Shot Pepperbox,
Model 2 C 308-561 - SOLD

Allen’s Patent Hammerless
Ring-Trigger Pepperbox,
Likely Allen & Thurber
308-616 - SOLD

Pepperbox, Allen and Thurber
Fluted Barrel Cluster
19th Century, 308-293 - SOLD

Pecare and Smith
10 Shot Pepperbox Full
Barrel Shield, 308-304 - SOLD

Sharps .32 Caliber
Pepperbox, 308-89 - SOLD

Bacon Arms Company
A .22 Caliber
Pepperbox, 308-80 - SOLD

Sharps & Hankins
.32 Caliber 4-Barrel Pepperbox
Model 4C, 308-181 - SOLD

Sharps Pepperbox Pistol
Four Shot Breech
Loading, 865-6 - SOLD

Pepperbox Pistol, Rupertus 2nd
Model, Excellent
Markings, 308-279 - SOLD

Pepperbox Pistol, Allen & Wheelock, 6 Shot, Four inch fluted
barrel group, 308-270 - SOLD

Sharps 4-Barrel Pepperbox
Pistol With gutta percha
grips, 308-98 - SOLD

Allen and Thurber
Pepperbox with rare ring
trigger..., 308-33 - SOLD

Continental Arms Co.,
Norwich, Connecticut "Ladies'
Companion" Pepperbox,
308-44 - SOLD

First Model Jacob Rupertus
8-Shot Pepperbox Pistol,
308-133 - SOLD

Cased Ethan Allan Pepperbox,
Norwich Production for
J.G. Bolen, N.Y.C.
Labels!, 308-455 - SOLD

Allen & Thurber, Worcester
Medium Frame Pepperbox,
Cased, Norwich Features Bolen
Labels, 308-463 - SOLD

Sharps Model 1A
Breech-Loading Four-Shot
Pepperbox Pistol 2.5”
Barrel, 728-51 - SOLD

Pepperbox Pistol,
Allen’s Patent,
Norwich, CT 308-459 - SOLD

Flintlock Pepperbox, Hand
Rotated Four Barrel Cluster,
.24-Claiber, Four Shot
308-494 - SOLD

Sharps Breech-Loading
4-Shot Pepperbox Pistol,
Philadelphia, 728-68 - SOLD

Allen & Thurber Pepperbox,
Worcester Production
728-36 - SOLD

Sharps Breech Loading
Four Barrel Pepperbox,
Gorgeous Gutta Percha
Grips 728-99 - SOLD

Bacon Arms Company
Pepperbox Revolver
728-24 - SOLD

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