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AAAWT, Inc. trades in firearms manufactured on or before 1898 ONLY. The U.S. exempts these antiques. Gun laws
vary widely from country to country. Please check your own Federal, State, or local laws to determine your legal
responsibility. AAAWT, Inc. complies with all applicable firearms and related laws without exception.

Chicago Palm Pistol
the Protector by Chicago
Arms Company, 308-382 - SOLD

Minneapolis Palm Pistol
Nickel finish with black rubber
, 308-204 - SOLD

Pistol, Apache, Iron Frame,
Original Blue, Dolne
Combination Pistol, Knife and
Knuckles, 308-276 - SOLD

Short Sword With Flintlock
Pistol, 980-60 - SOLD

Cutlass Pistol Fully
Engraved an Etched Signed
Dumonthier, 308-390 - SOLD

Miniature Cap Gun
Pin Fire Austrian,
Vintage, 703-16 - SOLD

Gunstock War Club
American Indian
Late 19th C., 281-60 - SOLD

Rifle, Firearm Curiosa
Paper Linen Cartridge
Underhammer, 308-362 - SOLD

Centennial Celebration
Single Shot Cast Iron Cap
Pistol, 110-300 - SOLD

Cane Gun
Fold Down Trigger
19th C., 840-1 - SOLD

Lambert Rifle Cane Gun
Excellent Condition,
308-421 - SOLD

Dumonthier Knife Pistol
Circa 1850, 308-334 - SOLD

Bronze Lantaka
Swivel Canon
Late 18th C., 728-23 - SOLD

Folding Pocket Knife Pistol
German, 308-335 - SOLD

Chicago Palm Pistol, the
Protector by Chicago Arms
Company, Squeezer .32 Caliber
Extra Short Rimfire 308-507 - SOLD

Antique Cane Gun Moses
Babcock, SIGNED – Charlestown
[Massachusetts] 34.5”,
308-467 - SOLD

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