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Cloth Doll Exhibit

Click Here to View a Few Select Examples from our Personal Collection.
(Dolls are not for sale)

This site is the fourth in a series of educational sites for new collectors, evolving from the need for some form of easily accessible reference date and pictures for those about to enter the collecting hobby, make a major purchase, or simply to enjoy examples that may not be available elsewhere.

Our Cloth Doll Sites Exist for Two Reasons:

1. To Introduce New Collectors to Some Authentic Early Examples

2. As a Shameless Solicitation to BUY MORE DOLLS FOR OUR COLLECTION

The Dolls on This Site are NOT FOR SALE

Please do not ask. We feel bad when we refuse, but refuse we will. Our attempt is to build our collection, not to sell it. Any dolls that are for sale can be found on our Online Folk Art and Americana Site.

The Dolls, Pictures, and Text are copyrighted, and are not to be copied without written permission.

Please enjoy viewing the dolls, and feel free to ask questions, but please do now ask for instructions on making dolls, specific measurements, or whether or not a doll is for sale. We do not believe, nor allow, people to copy our dolls; or use or pictures or text without express written permission.

Site Disclaimer
1. We are not the Doll Police, nor are we the only authority on Early Cloth Dolls.

2. Our Opinions are just that, Opinions, and are not to be confused with factual arguments for your personal use in a legal dispute.

3. We cannot, and will not, get involved in a dispute between a dealer and a retail customer, nor between two dealers. It is our experience that the two parties need to resolve these situation through conversation, or litigation, whichever may be the right avenue for their particular issue. We will not hire out as expert witnesses.

1. We no longer offer an appraisal service. Is the strictest terms, anyone who both appraises and purchases the same items is left open to the charge of "Confict of Interest", and many times it plays out that way.

We Are Always Buying!!

Our Greatest Hope is that someone will find our site, and will wish for their dolls to have the best home possible. We simply ask for some good pictures, detailed description, and if possible, the asking price. Normally, if the doll will fit in with our collection, we will find a way to make a deal. But please, be sure to contact us if you have a doll to sell. We promise and quick and confidential response, and something you might not get elsewhere....our gratitude for contacting us!!!

Thanks for stopping by. We truly hope you enjoy the dolls.

Lynn and Rob Morin

Click Here to View a Few Select Examples from our Personal Collection.
(Dolls are not for sale)

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