Sundial, 17th C., Maker Signed

John Knapp, Reading, England

Sundial, 17th C., Maker Signed, Image 1

Owners of clocks and watches used sundials to keep their timepieces accurate; they set them at noon according to the shadow cast on the gnomon... noon referred to as True Time was the only moment at which to determine solar time. These uncommon surviving 17th century sundials were fabricated by scientific instrument makers and clockmakers. This example dated 1684 was made by a known clockmaker, John Knapp. We sold a traveling size lantern clock by this maker who was active 1690 to 1730 in 2021.

Date: 1678

Measurement: Height: 3"; width: 6.75"; depth: 6.75"

Material: Brass, plumb-brown patina

Condition: Fine


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