English Bunsen Burner Form Single Discoid Knop Medieval Candlestick

English Bunsen Burner Form Single Discoid Knop Medieval Candlestick, Image 1

A very rare English single blade candlestick of the "Bunsen burner" form- 15th century. This is the first acknowledged English design/manufactured candlestick. The base of the shaft is encased by a short sleeve, inside the circular base with banded decoration, and is peened and turned. This candlestick differs slightly from other known examples, a variation of the form, each known example having subtle design differences; all have a single blade mid shaft, the low base, and the barrel shaped, unpierced socket. This stick displays very pleasing surface showing centuries
of gentle wear.

Date: 14th Century

Measurement: Height: 6.5"; Base Diameter: 4.375"

Material: Copper Alloy

Condition: Excellent, commensurate with age and use... no repairs


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