Early New England Children's Ladderback Armchair, Soulful Character

Probably Southeastern Massachusetts

Early New England Children's Ladderback Armchair, Soulful Character, Image 1

Rear posts with finials flanking splats and turned rail; turned arms with nodules joining front posts featuring projecting handholds. The trapezoidal seat is made of pine and is splendidly worn; the chair never had side seat rails; front rails are carved of oak. We believe the seat to be original. The chair retains red paint and displays a wonderful patina.

Date: 18th Century

Measurement: Height: 24"; seat height: 6.5"; width: 15"; depth: 11"

Material: Maple, ask and white pine

Condition: The vestiges of time and generations of use tell the story of this little chair. The loss to top splat is worn smooth; faces of front posts and the backs of rear posts are worn flat due to generations of toddlers using the chair as a walker as they learned to walk. A narrow strip of seat plank running front-to-back was long ago replaced and displays the same wear pattern of overall seat.


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