Windsor Bow-back Side Chair, High-back Having Straight Sides

Possibly Worcester County, Massachusetts 1790-1800

Windsor Bow-back Side Chair, High-back Having Straight Sides, Image 1

The narrow high-back with flattened top continues to the seat without curving inward. The shield shaped seat is chamfered and sockets the legs. Ring and vase turned legs are joined by tapering stretchers.

Measurement: Height: 38"; seat height: 16.5"; width: 14.5"; depth: 15.5"

Material: Maple, white pin, and ash

Condition: Very good, the left proper rear leg displays a fine splice just under the seat at wafer turning however the entire leg appears to be by the same turner and displays the same turnings and tool marks as other legs. It is very possible that the maker installed a dowel to strengthen tight fissures in that section of leg. The chair retains what appears to be original green paint now darkly oxidized; paint on seat likely refreshed early in its life with gold trim added at that time.

Reference: This curious form may be related to a set of six attributed to Solomon Sibley of Auburn, Massachusetts (Collection of Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, Mass.) The Sibley chairs featuring narrow backs with almost no curve. At this time, we can make no solid attribution.


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