Dough Box, Tray, Paint Decorated, Canted Sides

Possibly Lebanon County, Pennsylvania

Dough Box, Tray, Paint Decorated, Canted Sides, Image 1

The dovetail joined case with projecting and pierced ends displays an amazing surface and is wonderfully decorated. Dough trays were rarely decorated which made them tempting blanks for the 1920-1940's revival period. This example appears to be honest, decorated during the period. The style of decoration generally corresponds to pieces from Lebanon County.

Date: Circa 1800 (possibly earlier)

Measurement: Dimensions at widest points: 16.25" by 29.5"; Height: 12"

Material: Poplar

Condition: Missing lid... iron straps added during working period securing shrinkage cracks. Any minor imperfections are trivial, commensurate with age and use. It's all about surface and decoration.