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Swift, Ivory & Whalebone, Cup Finial, Pierced Clamp, Silver Pins, Turned Shaft American, Possibly Nantucket, Likely Sailor Made Circa 1830-1850

A FINE expanding double-cage joined by pewter rivets and red silk ribbons…with scrolled and heart pierced silver pinned thumbpiece; composed of incised whale bone ribs all surmounted by a finely turned and incised cup finial raised on urn-form resting on stepped spreading circular base. (Height: 15.25"; diameter open: 17.75")



Needle Case, Crochet Needles, Leather and Fabric with belt Loop 19th Century

(8.5 x 2.5")



Emery, Strawberry, Vintage

(2 x 1.25 x 1.25")






Blending Carder, Card Clothing on Domed and Dated Frame Anonymous, 1735

A rectangular domed oak frame featuring punch decorated sheet iron bands dated 1737. The frame is affixed to an oak base having notch carved projecting ends.
(Original condition and surface; height: 4.5"; length: 10.5"; depth: 5.5")




Thimble, Piercy’s Patent
John Piercy, England
Circa 1825
Tortoiseshell, pinchbeck

Antique Piercy's Patent Thimble, English, Circa 1825, entire view 1

Unique pierced outer cast with lattice and foliage design, vacant oval cartouche. “Piercy’s Patent” in raised lettering around middle band. The tortoiseshell liner remains in good condition. Approx. 1”



Antique Piercy's Patent Thimble, English, Circa 1825, entire view 2
Antique Piercy's Patent Thimble, English, Circa 1825, with case

Sculptural Chicken Stuffed Patchwork Pin Cushion on Hogscraper Hide Scour
Anonymous, Circa 1890 to 1910ish

Antique Sculptural Chicken Stuffed Patchwork Pin Cushion, Circa 1890, angle view

(H: 12”, diameter: 12”)



Antique Sculptural Chicken Stuffed Patchwork Pin Cushion, Circa 1890, entire view

Bronze Age Sewing Needle, Roman, Expertly Mounted for Display, 5”

Antique Bronze Age Sewing Needle, Mounted for Display, close up view

Copper Alloy



Antique Bronze Age Sewing Needle, Mounted for Display, entire view

Embroidered Wall Pocket, US Navy, Eagle, Shields, Flags, and Anchor
Circa 1810 to 1830
Unknown Maker
Silk floss on brushed cotton, printed cotton back

Antique Embroidered Wall Pocket, US Navy, Circa 1810 to 1830, entire view

(Overall good condition consistent with age; 7.5 by 4")



Antique Embroidered Wall Pocket, US Navy, Circa 1810 to 1830, with ruler for scale

Sewing Cases, Roll Up Pockets, Housewife's Sewing Roll, Cotton Prints
American, Circa 1820 to 1830's
Lot of Two

Antique Sewing Cases, Pin Pockets, American, Circa 1820 to 1830's, pair entire view

The longer roll-up features four pockets, each gathered with binding tape facilitating closure. The three-pocket roll-up features two fixed pockets; the lower gathered on twisted wool string facilitating closure. Both remain in excellent condition.
(13 by 4.75", 22.5 by 5.25")

$495 for the pair


Antique Sewing Cases, Pin Pockets, American, Circa 1820 to 1830's, pair back view

Pincushion, H.S. Holden
a.k.a. Christening Pillow or Gift to celebrate a birth

Antique Pincushion, H.S. Holden, Christening Pillow, side 1 view

Pincushion Decorated With Steel Pins, "H.S. Holden 1838"
Reverse side has an 8 point star, surrounded by a circle framed by a diamond all in steel pins.
These were prized possessions as they were gifts from friends.
Black silk with minor in use wear
Dimensions: 3" by 2.25"



Antique Pincushion, H.S. Holden, Christening Pillow, side 2 view

Pincushion, Layette
19th Century Cotton
a.k.a. Christening Pillow or Gift to celebrate a birth

Antique Pincushion, Layette, 19th Century, Cotton Christening Pillow, entire view

Reads "May He whose Cradle
Was a Manger ---
Bless and Protect
The little Stranger"
Dimensions: 6.5 by 5.5".



Antique Pincushion, Layette, 19th Century, Cotton Christening Pillow, rear view

Pincushion, Sarah Beekman
a.k.a. Christening Pillow; possibly a birth gift or announcement
1845 in Steel Pins

Antique Pincushion, Sarah Beekman, Christening Pillow, 1845, entire view

Green silk with a bit of wear.
Dimensions: 6.5" by 4"



Antique Pincushion, Sarah Beekman, Christening Pillow, 1845, rear view

Pincushion, 1847
a.k.a. Christening Pillow; possibly a birth gift or announcement
Cream silk jacquard with a tatted border

Antique Pincushion, Signed Mary E. Wormstead, 1847, Christening Pillow, entire view

Signed Mrs. Mary E. Wormstead.
Dimensions: 6 by 3".



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Pincushion, Cheltenham Female Orphan Asylum
Cotton and silk - SOLD

Antique Pincushion, Cheltenham Female Orphan Asylum, Cotton and Silk, entire view

The Cheltenham Female Orphan Asylum was founded in 1806 as a school for orphans, teaching the skills needed to become a house servan in wealthy homes. One side reads "Victoria & Albert, Feby 10 1840", the other side reads "Virtuous woman is a (crown) to her husband". Dimensions: 2.75 by 2.5".

1032-111 - SOLD

Pincushions, Emeries, Sewing Items
Sold separately

Antique Pincushions, Emeries, Sewing Items, group view

Pincushion, Woven Silk Ribbon, Shaker
Yellow and white woven silk

Pincushion, Flame Stitch, Bargello
C. 1850
Excellent eye appeal
Dimensions: 4 3/4" by 3"


Emery or Pincushion
Blue patterned silk
Early 19th C.

Emery Strawberry, poss. Shaker - SOLD
Dimensions: 1" by 1" (it's a strawberry)

Embroidery Hoop, American - SOLD

Antique Embroidery Hoop, American, entire view

Decorated inlay border on base, and inlaid owner's initials M.G. M.; hoops rotate on turned posts; Exceptional form.
Dimensions: Overall L 14" by 12" H by 4 1/2" W

1032-104 - SOLD

Pincushion, Large Velvet Carrot with Foliage, Painted, 13 Inches
American, 19th Century
An early and wonderful example in bright paint, fine original condition - SOLD

Antique Pincushion, Velvet Carrot, 13 Inches, 19th Century, side 1 view

606-74 - SOLD

Pin Balls, Pin Cushions, Knitted
Sold separately

Antique Pin Balls, Knitted Pin Cushions, English, pair view 1

Pin Ball, Antique Knitted Pin Cushion, MM, 1815
Unknown Maker, MM
(Generally excellent condition excepting one small imperfection; an eighth-inch hole that doesn't really distract; 2 by 1.75 by 1.75")

Pin Ball, Knitted Pin Cushion, Ship, Ann Swainson, 1774
The condition is constant with being well-loved and frequently used; scattered "period of use" mending.
It appears that this knitted piece was made to refresh another which is underneath. Dimensions: 2.5 by 2.25 by 2.5")

Chatelaine, Locket Pin Ball, Coin Silver Belt Hook, Newport Rhode Island
William Stoddard Nichols, (1785 to 1871) Newport, Rhode Island (Active: 1808 to 1857)
Belden, mark C - SOLD

Antique Chatelaine, Locket Pin Ball, Rhode Island, entire view

Coin silver belt hook by noted silversmith, engraved monogram; "JW", coin silver chain featuring hand wrought double figure eight links; chain hangs from coin silver heart; center with floral motif; border engraving; silk brocade on linen foundation pin-ball.
(Wear and thread loss is minor, consistent with age and use; the ball displays a few tiny holes; scattered loss to silk tape; structural integrity is fine, remains attractive.
(L: 18")

1032-159 - SOLD

Sewing Pocket, Pieced Cotton Patchwork
Early 19th Century
Possibly Lancaster, Pennsylvania - SOLD

Antique Sewing Pocket, Pieced Cotton, Early 19th Century, entire view

Authentic women's work pockets are becoming increasingly hard to find.
This example, discovered and stashed decades ago, now emerges from a private collection.
A wonderful variety of early block and roller printed cottons make up the front, with the back a cream colored linen. With the exception of one patch having a small tear, and missing the ties, the condition is very good.
Dimensions: 18" long and 12.25" at widest point.

1032-45 - SOLD

Needlework Clamp, Pin Cushion, Thread Winding Spool, Knave, Blacksmith Made
Whitesmith Work, Hearts, File Work
Eighteenth Century (or earlier)
Unknown Maker, by master blacksmith
A third hand, one of kind, outstanding - SOLD

Antique Needlework Clamp and Pin Cushion, Whitesmith Work, 18th Century, left angle view

Pincushion and clamp riser are intricately filed, masterfully hand forged and decorated with exceptional file work; table clamp and thread spindle feature matching heart terminus. The pin cushion has a scalloped and pierced rim; the snake head spring clamp with beautifully scrolled handle maintains correct tension. The file notched frontal medallion bears the initials "ICC". This unique tool of convenience remains in overall excellent condition with light surface oxidation that will clean with oil; cushion fabric replaced. (H: 8"; W: 4.75"; D: 5.25")

424-188 - SOLD

Sewing Pocket
Whole Cloth Brown Cotton Floral
2nd Quarter 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Pocket, Sewing Pocket, Whole Cloth, Brown Floral Cotton, entire view

Woman's hand sewn pocket generally tied at waist for utility before pockets in clothing.
Dimensions: 14.25 by 9.75-inches.

912-119 - SOLD

Thread Stand, Three Tier Spool Holder with Drawer, Anniversary Tin, Unique
Unknown Maker
19th Century
Pieces like this make a collection special - SOLD

Antique Thread Stand, Spool Holder, Tin, 19th Century, entire view

Each of the domed scalloped dividers mounted to central shaft are pierced to receive steel rods that hold the antique wooden spools of thread; the whole raised on conforming circular base having a single drawer and raised on conical tinned sheet iron feet. This amazing and wonderful piece remains in fine original condition; it appears that one spool rod may be a retro. (Dimensions: H: 8.5"; diameter: 6.5")

1032-93 - SOLD

Possible Scarn, Sewing Thread Spool Holder, Brass and Iron, Whitesmithing
Probably 18th Century - SOLD

Antique Scarn, Sewing Thread Spool Holder, 18th Century, angle view

The posts pierced by rails that held bobbins; arched feet joined by brass displaying ornamented saw-tooth pattern; any other suggestions most welcome. Terrific piece.
(H: 4.5"; W: 4.75"; D: 1.5")

424-157 - SOLD

Pieced Patchwork Potholders
Cotton Prints
Early 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Pot Holders, Pieced Patchwork, Cotton Prints, group view

Lot of 8 pot holders dating from 1815-1915, fabrics and stitching all fitting their particular decade. Simple early pieced to Victorian silks and velvets.

912-142 - SOLD

Roll Up
Pair of Cotton Print Sewing Cases
Early 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Sewing Cases, Pair, Roll Ups, Huswifes, Cotton Print, pair entire view

Pair of Huswifes in matching cotton prints on needlecase side, opposite in different early brown cotton prints.
Dimensions: length 14.5 by 4-inches & 13.5 by 4-inches.

912-124 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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