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Needlework Sampler, Village Scene,
By Deborah Stockholm / In the Year 1841
Dutchess County, New York

Wool and floss on linen, verified genealogy on verso
(Fine condition; frame: 18.5 x 12.5"; view: 16.75 x 10.75")



Needlework Marking Sampler Wrought by Hannah Meserve, Newmarket, NH With Her Reticule, 1820s

Four neatly compartmentalized alphabets above 12-year old Hannah’s signature lines centered by vertical sawtooth borders. (Excellent condition; 23 X 9”)



Needlework Sampler; Wrought by Sara A. Davis, Likely Maine Sara A. Davis/Her Sampler

The silk on linen sampler having alphabets stitched above flowers and a flying bird. Silk on linen (Frame: 17.75 x 9"; view: 16.25 x 17.25")



Ann Greely Family Record Sampler,
Portland, Maine, dated 1818, Silk on Linen

Ann Matilda Greely stitched an incredibly detailed family record sampler when she was just ten years old while attending Elizabeth Hussey's school in Portland, Maine. (Fine condition; frame: 20 x 23.5”, 20 1/2" x 17" sight size.)



Rare Large Indiana Sampler,
Jane Mercer, Switzerland County Indiana 1840
Silk on linen; 22” x 19 ½” framed

This very graphic work features a dominate center-chimney house, birds and a beautifully composed poignant verse by a Jefferson City, Virginia poet published in The Knickerbocker/New York Monthly Magazine Volume 9 in 1837. Jane at age 25 (born circa 1815) worked this sampler under the instruction of Caroline Henderson age 33 (born 1807). In 1846 Jane married Joseph Rutherford (born circa1815), they had two sons. The 1850 census finds Jane and Caroline living just three houses apart in Jefferson Township. From census information it appears that the two women lived their lives near each other. In the 1860 census Caroline was a widow with four children working as a school teacher and the 1880 census finds Jane Mercer Rutherford as head of household with two children, one a student, the other a farmer.



Needlework, House Sampler,
Mary Brown, Pennsylvania, Dated 1812
Silk on linen; 19 ¾” x 20” framed

Mary was a 10-year-old schoolgirl when she worked this impressive house sampler. She included a large brick center-hall house flanked with paired birds, trees, and various flowering motifs and a verse of encouragement for progressive young ladies that still rings true today. “Virtue and wit with science join-d/ Refine the manners form the mind/ And when with industry they meet/ The female character’s complete.”



Unique Needlework Sampler, Mourning,
Lucy Maria French, Portsmouth, New Hampshire 1807
A fine and rare silk on linen; 21” x 17” sight

Lucy stitched this unusual stylized sampler while attending Miss Word’s School in Portsmouth, NH. She included a large urn in the center memorizing Misses Sarah and Ann French. She also included two verses, vertical alphabets and angled lettering in her inscription. Also, a basket containing a rose centered by a festoon vine, berries and flowers above the cenotaph memorializing Sarah and Ann French; [d. 1795 and 1802] …the monument flanked by willow trees, all within a neatly wrought border.



Sampler, Marking Sampler, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Alphabets, Numerals, Verse
Eliza Robbins / Aged 10 Years / October 14, 1833
Bethlehem / July 31 / 1823

Antique Sampler, Marking Sampler, Eliza Robbins, 1833, entire view

(Fading, light water stain at mid right edge; modern frame: 19.25 by 18.25", sight-size: 17.5 by 16.5")



Antique Sampler, Marking Sampler, Eliza Robbins, 1833, with ruler for scale

Pair of Sisters Samplers, Granville, Massachusetts

Antique Needlework, Pair of Sisters Samplers, Martia and Laura Hoisington, close up views

Needlework, Sampler, Martia M. Hoisington
Granville, Hampden, Massachusetts, 1824
Silk on linen

Marcia Maria Hoisington
Birth: 23 Jul 1812, Suffield, CT
(Dimensions: 16.75 by 10.5")

Needlework, Sampler, Laura C. Hoisington
Granville, Hampden, Massachusetts, 1824
Silk on linen

Laura C Hoisington
Birth: 13 Sep 1815, Granville, MA
(Dimensions: 16.5 by 9")

$625 for the pair

Antique Needlework, Pair of Sisters Samplers, Martia and Laura Hoisington, with ruler for scale

Embroidery, Silk on Silk Floral Needlework

Antique Embroidery, Floral Needlework, Silk on Silk, close up view

19th Century American polychrome needlework in excellent condition
Dimensions: 28.25 by 24-inches.



Antique Embroidery, Floral Needlework, Silk on Silk, entire view

Embroidery, Bird Central Motif
Mid 19th C.

Antique Bird Embroidery, American, Mid 19th Century, entire view

Charming cental motif bird on oak branch, surrounded by several sampler designs.
In early black reeded frame; minor damage in the left bottom corner.
(Frame: 13.75 by 13.75"; view: 11.75 by 11.75")



Needlework, Sampler, Minerva Beach, Aged 8 Years
Litchfield, Connecticut, 1807, Family History Available

Antique Needlework, Sampler, Minerva Beach, 1807, close up view

Silk on linen, in lemon gold frame, darned in a number of spots.
(Dimensions: 12.25 by 11.75" frame, 10.75 by 10.5" sight-size)



Antique Needlework, Sampler, Minerva Beach, 1807, with ruler for scale

Embroidery, Roses

Antique Embroidery of Roses, entire view

Stain upper right corner, initials CMY and AFA.
(Frame: 11.25 by 9”, sight-size: 8.5 by 6.75”)



Antique Embroidery of Roses, with ruler for scale

Silkwork, Printwork, Oval, Embroidery

Antique Silkwork Embroidery with Printwork, close up view

Some missing areas top right.
(Frame: 7.5 by 6.25”, sight-size: 5 by 3.75”)



Antique Silkwork Embroidery with Printwork, with ruler for scale

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Marking Sampler, Polly White, Salem, 18th Century
A little girls marking sampler SOLD

Antique Needlework Marking Sampler by Polly White of Salem, 18th Century, entire view

(New Frame: 8.5 by 8”, sight-size: 7.5 by 7”)


1096-64 SOLD

17th Century Tent Stich Embroidery,
English, Circa 1660
Silk, pearls, braids and metallic thread on linen; 16 1/8" x 20 1/4" framed - SOLD

This fine tent-stitch picture depicts the Queen of Sheba (now the country of Yemen) visiting King Solomon: circa 1000 BCE and was worked in England around 1660. Executed with variety of colored silk threads in extremely fine tent-stitch; selvedge features twisted metallic thread…the piece is representative of the finest needlework of the period. According to the Bible, the Queen of Sheba visited King Solomon: in Jerusalem to observe the splendor of his new temple and test his famed wisdom with hard philosophical questions and riddles. During Solomon’s reign this type of quizzing was fashionable entertainment among the elite. Solomon: was known as the great solver of riddles and it is likely that the Queen of Sheba also shared his passion.
(Generally excellent condition, couple small losses at extreme edges)


324-46 - SOLD

Sampler, Embroidered Needlework, Massachusetts
House Sampler, Animals, People, Birds, Verse
Elizabeth Walker, Barre, Massachusetts, August 6 1808
Lovely, neatly wrought; good color and clean
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested - SOLD

Antique Sampler, Embroidered, Barre Massachusetts, 1808, entire view

(Frame: 20.25 by 20.25"; view: 17.25 by 17.25")

593-61 - SOLD

Needlework, Family Record, Floral, New Hampshire, New Ipswich, 1830 Wrought by Elizabeth T. Sanderson, New Ipswich, AD 1830 Silk floss on fine linen - SOLD

Meandering floral border typical of New Hampshire; undulating leafy vine displaying lush flowers predominantly wrought it shades of blue. (The view area is 16.25” square; there is a stain just above “Family Record” else fine. We have not examined to work out of frame)

497-131 - SOLD

Embroidery, Silk on Linen Canvas-work, Shepherdess Seated in Landscape
England, circa 1740; possibly earlier
Satin floss worked with silk threads worked in a fine variety of stitches - SOLD

Antique Silk Embroidery on Linen of Shepherdess Seated in Landscape, English, Circa 1740, close up view

The seated shepherdess holds a crook in one hand, a flower in the other; she is centered by flora and fauna including birds, snail, her dog; sheep, flowers, trees, and a sun-face dipping below clouds. The work is sealed within a japanned fame having the collectors’ label of Ria Ponsonby (born Victoria Lily Hegan Kennard [1874-1955], daughter of Colonel Hegan Kennard) who married Frederick Ponsonby, 1st Baron Synsonby 17 May, 1899. Ponsonby was private secretary to Queen Victoria and later Edward VII. (The work is in very good condition; some scattered gesso loss to gilt frame liner. Frame: 15 by 12”, sight-size: 12.5 by 9.5”)

1032-124 - SOLD

Needlework Sampler, Townsend, Massachusetts, Wrought 1824, Lucy Pierce
Aged 11 Years, Born October 15 – 1813 - SOLD

Antique Needlework Sampler by Lucy Pierce, Townsend, Massachusetts, Wrought 1824, entire view

Marking sampler, 3 alphabets, fruited plant centered by basket of flowers and stylized tree; Frame: 14.25 by 10.75"; view: 13.25 by 9.75".

1032-53 - SOLD

Seventeenth Century English Needlework, Embroidered Sampler, Fine and Clean
Wrought by MB, 1658, Silk Floss on Linen - SOLD

Antique English Needlework Embroidered Sampler, English, Dated 1658, entire view

(Frame: 34 by 8”)

1136-2 - SOLD

Needlework Sampler, Marking Sampler and Family Record, Mitchel
Danvers, Massachusetts, Wrought by Rebecca Mitchel, 1818, Aged 12
Neatly wrought border, alphabets, family record and verse - SOLD

Antique Needlework Sampler, Marking Sampler, Danvers, Massachusetts, 1818, entire view

(Generally very good with no holes; staining at top left; minor stain at bottom left, else fine; frame: 23.5 by 23.5"; view: 16.25 by 16.25")

1104-2 - SOLD

Embroidery, Silk Embroidery on Laid Paper, Girl with Birds, Treed Landscape
Anonymous, 18th or Early 19th Century
A charming young ladies effort - SOLD

Antique Embroidery, Girl with Birds, Silk on Paper, 18th or 19th Century, entire view

(Good condition; mounted within period painted frame; frame: 10.75 by 9", sight-size: 8.5 by 6.75")

1032-127 - SOLD

Needlework, Sampler, Polly Howard, Age 12
Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, 1799
Silk on green linsey, some losses to silk - SOLD

Antique Needlework, Sampler, Polly Howard, Massachusetts, 1799, close up view

Polly's family history is written on the back of the frame.
The border was torn and could not be framed; fortunately much was saved.

Polly Howard Aged Twelve 1799
How Blest The Maid Whom Circling / Years Improve Her God The
Object Of Her Warmest Love Whose Useful Hours / Successive As
They Glide The Book The / Needle And The Pen Divide
(Dimensions: 11 by 11" frame, 9.75 by 9.75" sight-size)

1032-137 - SOLD

Needlework, Sampler, Ann Elliott
Worked in the 12th Year of her Age, 1803
New England, possibly New Hampshire
Silk on linen - SOLD

Antique Needlework, Sampler by Ann Elliott, age 12, 1803, entire view

This marking sampler-embroidery featuring double alphabet and numerals, above two baskets of flowers and birds centering a young girl holding a flower spray, all within floral border. The work remains in good condition with only minor thread loss and one small hole at the foot of basket on right. (Frame: 18.5 x 17.75 inches; view: 16.75 x 16.25 inches)

274-109 - SOLD

Woolwork Picture, American Sailor's Woolie, Wooly [sic], American Flags
Mid 19th Century
Underway in rough sea - SOLD

Antique Woolwork Picture, Wooly, Sailor Work, entire view

An exceedingly rare skillfully wrought needlework design featuring a port side view of an American ship under sail flying her colors, and a red, white, and blue banner flutters from her main mast. The work is mounted within original molded and gilt frame; original backboards. In generally excellent condition other than some overall fading. (Frame: 20 by 24.75"; view: 17 by 22")

935-3 - SOLD

Samplers, Pair, Done by Sisters
1817 - SOLD

Antique Samplers, Pair, Done by Sisters, entire and ruler views

Almira, age 14, and Eveline, age 13, worked these samplers in Worcester County in 1817.
The sisters were born in West Bolyston, MA (genealogy available).
They are worked with silk on linen.
Dimensions: 11.5 by 10" frames, 10 by 8.5" sight-sizes.

1032-25 - SOLD

Applique and Embroidery Still Life, Fruits and Birds
Probably English
19th Century - SOLD

Antique Still Life, Applique and Embroidery, close up view

Birds, baskets of cherries and strawberries; grapes, pineapple, melon and other fruits worked in cut and applied wool with embroidered detail. (The period frame measures 23 by 19.25"; view: 20.5 by 16.75")

384-48 - SOLD

Needlework, The Story of Abraham
18th Century English Canvas Work
Wool on canvas - SOLD

Antique Needlework, The Story of Abraham, Silk on Linen, close up view

This anonymous work is most likely copied form a print source and tells the story of Abraham. He is depicted in the center with Hagar, his wife's handmaiden, by who he fathered the child Ishmael (Sarah's idea) who she is holding by the hand. Sarah, his wife, standing under the tent holding her son Isaac by the hand, waves them aside. Banished to the desert Hagar is seen praying while Ishmael sleeps, and the angel of the Lord points to a well.

The scene includes numerous 17th century emblematic birds and insects. A pond with fish and birds and the ubiquitous castle complete the image.
(16.75 by 20.75" sight-size, 22.5 by 26.5" frame)

324-44 - SOLD

Betsy Evans Needlework - SOLD

Antique Needlework, Nautical Themed Sampler by Betsy Evans, close up view

Nautical theme sampler worked in wool by Betsy Evans in 1858 at age 16. Overall condition is excellent.
Dimensions: Sight size 19 by 23-inches.

637-80 - SOLD

Silk Embroidery, Shepherd and Shepherdess and Lady
Worked by Rebecca Green Butler
Connecticut, Circa 1800 to 1810 - SOLD

Antique Embroidery, Silk, Shepherd and Shepherdess, by Rebecca Green Butler, close up view

Silk on silk embroidery worked using a wide variety of stitches. Although the faces are worn the needlework is exquisite.
Dimensions: 16 by 17-inch sight size, add 2.5-inches for frame.
Genealogy available.

903-4 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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