Antique Associates at West Townsend
Main House

Antique Associates at West Townsend. 473 Main St. W. Townsend, Mass 01474 (978)-597-8084

Please call Lynn Hillier at (978)-597-8084 for Further Details, or email LCH@AAAWT.COM.

Main House Gallery Room and Case Rentals


Please Read Each Item Completely as These Terms Cover The Full Term of the Rental Contract

A.    Rent Payment: Fixed for Three Full Months plus prorated first; from Date of Signing, Payable in Advance on 1st of Month.

    Initial Payment is Prorated portion until 1st, and one Full Month in advance. Example: Sign on Oct 15th @ $100 a month. = $50 (for remainder of Oct) plus $100 (for Nov) payable in advance.

B.    Notification Before Leaving: One Full Month by Renter. Renter can be asked to leave at any time without notice for any legal or AAAWT Policy violation.

C.    Notification Before Rate Increase: One Full Month, but no Increase Until First 3 Full Months Have Passed.

D.    Main House Gallery Photos: One per month for Single Case; Two For Double; Three for Room. Photos are selected by AAAWT (not renter) based on what we feel will sell best.

E.    Additional Main House Gallery Photo Listings: AAAWT cannot increase photos beyond what is stated in D (above) Instead, if Renter would like to increase exposure, we recommend that the renter Consign at 20% of Sale Price (cannot increase price to compensate) AAAWT reserves the right to refuse publishing a photo or item on the web site if, in AAAWT's sole opinion, the item is not consistent with the image of AAAWT, or the item may not be properly described.

F.    Pictures on Request to Prospective Buyers (when requested by renter): Two Per Month at No Cost; $10 ea. for any additional up to 5 pictures or $50 Max. Note: These are pictures requested by the renter for others. If an in-house customer wants a picture of an item on display, and requests a picture to show spouse or customer, no charge as it is simply part of selling.

G.    Tag and Description Requirements; Date and Reasonable Description which allows buyer to validate purchase. Must Support AAAWT Sales Guarantee. All Tags include Item Number, description, Retail Price, Discount Price and Stock Number. (See Example)

H.    Method of Payment Accepted by AAAWT for Sales: Cash, Check or Money Order at No Cost to Renter. Credit Card Charges assessed to Renter (if accepted at time of contract) See Sales Policy on WWW.AAAWT.COM

I.    Booth or Space Restocking Requirement: Booths must be restocked at a minimum of Every Month, (sooner or later depending on sales). AAAWT employees will continually redecorate a booth or room where merchandise has been sold, but it is up to the renter to ensure adequate merchandise to support the renter's sales goals.

J.    Oversized Items: An oversized item is any item that will not fit safely into the renter's space. No oversized items accepted for case renters unless on consignment at 20% (without price increase to compensate).

K.    Storage for Left or Abandoned Items: No Storage Available. Returned at Renter's expense, or $10 per day storage.

L.    Shipping or Return of Merchandise at Renter's Request; All returns are the responsibility of the Renter, including cost of shipping. Min. $15 shipping charge, but otherwise at actual.

M.    Consignment: AAAWT will accept consignments from renters independent of Rental Agreement. Consignments are standard at 20% with No Increase in price to compensate.

N.    Product Guarantee: All Renters must support AAAWT's Guarantee policy ON ALL SALES (See Policy on WWW.AAAWT.COM)

O.    Renters are paid for Completed Sales on 1st and 15th of each month. Renters are not paid until Guarantee period has expired. Renters are not paid until payment is cleared. (See Federal and Mass Banking Laws regarding Check Clearance)

P.    AAAWT accepts Lay Aways per AAAWT Sales Policy . Renters are required to support this policy or risk losing a sale. AAAWT will not prepay a renter for a partially completed Lay Away. No merchandise is allowed to leave the premises until it is paid in full, and no renter is paid until the payment is cleared and guarantee period is expired.

Q.    AAAWT DOES NOT GUARANTEE ANY SALES AMOUNT OR DOLLAR RETURN FOR ANY RENTER. Renters are encouraged to review our recommendations on pricing merchandise prior to offering merchandise. In simple terms, merchandise is much more likely to sell at a fair price than at an inflated price.

R.    Assistance in Moving Items or Packing. In the case of large items, or large quantity of items, incoming or outgoing, AAAWT requires a FULL 24 HOUR Notice before any commitment to help with carrying or moving. AAAWT will assist only when it is deemed reasonable, and when there is no danger of injury.

S.    No Hazardous Materials are Allowed on the Premises at any time, for any reason.

T.    AAAWT is a NO SMOKING FACILITY. No Exceptions. Smokers may use the picnic table outdoors, but do so at their own risk.

U.    Renters understand that AAAWT is an 18th Century Facility, and there may be areas or locations where navigation may be difficult. Renter agrees to HOLD HARMLESS AAAWT and All Employees for any Issues that may arise, or damage or injury to person or object.

V.    AAAWT Does NOT MAINTAIN INVENTORY CONTROL, and is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN OR DAMAGED ARTICLES. Renter Agrees to Maintain Insurance Policy that covers theft, loss, fire, breakage, etc.for any and all inventory related to business with AAAWT. AAAWT does have fire alarms, burglar alarms, entry codes, etc, but does not have a sprinkler system. Inventory on the premises of AAAWT is at the risk of the renter, consignor, or buyer, whoever has ownership interest. Signer of this agreement accepts liability for any required insurance or other loss coverage.

W.    AAAWT reserves the right to remove questionable material from the display area. AAAWT will safely store the material until the renter can retrieve or arrange for shipment. AAAWT takes the AAAWT Written Guarantee Seriously, and cannot allow questionable material in the Sales Area.

X.    Renter is allowed to use the AAAWT LOGO in any advertising, only while an active renter, and only when AAAWT Quality and Guarantee Requirements are Upheld.

I have read and agreed to ALL Terms Listed ABOVE:________________________________________________(renter)


Note: Any exceptions must be initialed and dated by both renter and AAAWT Sales Rep on SAME DATE as Date of Agreement NO EXCEPTIONS.


Space Rented: (see chart below)________________________________

Space Description: (see chart below)_____________________________________________


Effective Date of Rent (1st Day of Full of Month):___________________________

Prorated Rent: (partial of current plus full month) $__________________________

Paid BY:____________________________ Date of Payment:________________________

This 3 month contract covers: (partial month plus next 3). Provide Specific


Name of Renter's Business:_________________________________

Mass Tax Exemption Certificate Number:______________________________

Business Address:_________________________________________ Please Attach Business Card Here:

Business Address:_________________________________________

Business Address:_________________________________________

Phone Number: Business:____________________________________

Phone Number: Cell or Home:_________________________________


Y_________ INITIAL_________


RENTER_________________________________ DATE:__________________________________

AAAWT:_________________________________ DATE:___________________________________