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Antique Flintlock Pistols, German, circa 1690, C. Charlot, Adelsheim
A pair by C. Charles, Adelsheim, Germany
See Heer Der Neue Stockel, Journal-Verlag, page 207; active 1680-1700

The 12.75-inch three-stage barrel in .62-caliber smooth bore is in smooth pewter gray as are other metal parts. Original flintlock configuration; signed C. Charlot on tail with A. Adelsheim under the pan. The action is tight and smooth. Skull crusher butt cap with long tangs, fancy ramrod pipes with skirts, scrolled openwork two-screw sideplate and a fancy trigger guard. The full walnut stock displays a rich patina and is relief carved from swell to muzzle; lock and sideplate mortice display simple carving. The wood ramrods having button heads with metal caps appear to be original; the forend of one is likely restored. Overall length: 19.75-inches. A terrific pair of early pistols.



For further information, contact David Hillier or 978 597-8084.

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