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Sep/Oct 2019 Man At Arms Ad

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Antique Silver Mounted Flintlock Pistol, Profuse Silver Inlays
Italian, circa 1770-1775 (Unmarked)
An outstanding display of silver

A delicate pistol featuring a small [3-inch] lockplate having a chiseled steel cock, plate tail, pan, top jaw, breech tang and frizzen; all other furniture and ornamentation is outstanding pierced and engraved silver. The two-step barrel with flared muzzle features a vacant border engraved oval cartouche centered by four pieces of inlayed gold and engraving on the top of breech end. The walnut stock has a short and tight fissure near the lockplate… it is not offensive. We note that there are four short pieces of silver wire missing, again, not offensive, hardly noticeable. The lock holds however the spring is weak. Overall length: 11.25” .



For further information, contact David Hillier or 978 597-8084.

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