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Nov/Dec 2019 Man At Arms Ad

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Pair of Period Mexican War Officer’s Stirrup Irons, Brass Clad, Eagle Medallions
Patriotic Eagle Medallions, Iron and Hot Dipped Brass

A very good matching pair of seldom seen military mounted officer’s brass-plated, cast and wrought iron stirrups dating to the Mexican War…or earlier. In very good original condition, these equestrian artifacts are unmarked. The stirrups feature bulbous ovoid sides; surmounted with open rectangular box-slot for stirrup leathers; open footbeds with bowed ends. The exterior sides are ornamented with cast brass raised medallions featuring spread winged eagles clutching arrows and olive branches; flowing ribbon/banner within mouths. The stirrups retain most of their brass; decorative brass provided corrosion resistance and was very decorative, especially after polishing. Very minor scattered edge wear; minor loss to one outside edge of footbed, the other footbed with substantial losses, likely the riders mounting and dismount stirrup. Very old patina, likely not polished or cleaned in a hundred years. Each stirrup measures approximately 6 by 6-inches.



For further information, contact David Hillier or 978 597-8084.

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