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Antique Military Pistol, Model 1816, North, .54 Caliber Smoothbore
Middletown, Connecticut, circa 1817
A Simeon North Model 1816 Flintlock Pistol, .54 Caliber; 9 1/16” Round Barrel

Original flintlock with "US" and "P" proofs; screws, sideplate, barrel band and trigger all stamped “E”; early style lock markings, “S. NORTH” in downward curve over eagle flanked by “U and S” over bottom line “MDLN CON” in upward curve. All iron furniture including fluted barrel bands; iron backstrap inset from buttcap to barrel tang; lockplate is beveled at the front and rounded at the rear…brass flashpan tilting upward at the rear is marked with the same “E” found elsewhere on the gun. The gun displays an overall bright finish; action is tight and smooth; bore is clean. The dark walnut stock remains in fine condition, it is sharp and free of imperfections; inspector initials on cheek side are difficult to read at best.



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