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Boy’s Brown Bess Musket, Possibly Military School or s Gift for Wealthy Child…RARE & Fine
Martin Brander and Thomas Potts; Recorded at 70 Minories and Goodman’s Yard -1802 and 1827
Smooth action, retains most of browning on barrel, overall: 38”, barre;: .62-caliber, 25”, fine bore

Boy’s Brown Bess musket, quite rare, probably for a military school, but possibly a private gift for a wealthy child. Signed on the lock BRANDER AND POTTS. These were very famous makers of British Military Brown Bess muskets of high quality. This is the only example we and a very experienced collector of boy’ muskets have observed, and it is in wonderful condition with most of the browning on the barrel. This deserves to be in a collection of period Brown Bess muskets. It will be the stand-out piece. All brass furniture, two screw lock, cock displays border engraving; original ramrod. One sling swivel is broken.



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