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Kentucky Rifle, Jacob Albright, Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania, Circa 1800 - SOLD

The 58-inch curly maple stock is carved in the earlier Golden Age style and displays a well-worn surface. The stock is in good condition with any minor imperfections being related to age and use. There is a .25 by 2” sliver of wood missing at cheek side of forend; a tight 4” fissure follows the described loss. There is a working period veneer of brass in old color, located at the right side of barrel tang parallel to breech tang and top edge of lockplate that was done by a talented individual…even file work conforming to carving surrounding the breech tang. There is a tight fissure approximately 2.4” ahead of the swell that has been expertly and cleverly repaired by inlaying and pinning a .25 by 1.75” piece of German silver on each side. This is a reconversion back to flint; nosecap is an old replacement. The .54-caliber octagonal barrel is 43-inches long and displays a dark finish; the barrel is signed “J*Alb” and has a brass and nickel silver dovetailed front site. The four-piece patchbox is intricately engraved; all brass furniture including engraved toe-plate, buttplate, sideplate, pipes and nose-cap. Action is tight and smooth.



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