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May/Jun 2019 Man At Arms Ad

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Model 1795 Flintlock Musket Type I, Springfield Armory Charleville Pattern Buttplate tang dated 1799
Fine Condition, BEST Eagle Stamp extant; by Silversmith Thomas Sargent - SOLD

Some earlier muskets including this example were restocked by the factory and feature the low-comb configuration as displayed herewith.(2) The 1795 is perhaps the most elusive model, this being a pristine example displaying a smooth and uniform plumb-brown barrel congruent with color of all other metal parts except lock and associated nomenclature which display a beautiful, smooth mottled dark smoky gray. A full page is devoted to this very gun’s lock-marks including eagle…simply magnificent. The stock remains in outstanding original condition and features a historic surface and robust patina. Mechanics are fine, tight and smooth. (Overall length: 59.5”, barrel length: 44.5”)

1 See page 132 of Springfield Armory Infantry Muskets 1795-1844, A Collector's Guide to their Markings and Identification by Kent W Johns

2 See pp. 10, 11 and 79 of American Military Shoulder Arms, Volume II, by George D. Moller


For further information, contact David Hillier or 978 597-8084.

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