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Allen & Thurber, Worcester Medium Frame Pepperbox, Cased, Norwich
Features Bolen Labels; LIFE AND PROPERTY PRESERVERS, J.G. Bolen, 101 Broadway
Interior and Exterior labels; Pistol can be discharged with almost the rapidity of Thought - SOLD

Spangled dog-leg grip, etched nipple shield, ribbed barrels, 1837 patent on .32-caliber barrels, 3 1/4" barrel group. Almost never used; 97% blue barrels, 98% blue nipple shield, 20% blue frame, balance brown, 90% varnish, Serial number 175, grips never removed. Cased with all accessories; Bolen labeled case with internal label and external label on bottom. Outstanding.


For further information, contact David Hillier or 978 597-8084.


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