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July/Aug 2018 Man At Arms Ad

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Our Man at Arms ad for July/Aug 2018. Our offerings are from estates, private collections, single item sellers and perpetual consignors, allowing us to match offerings with our extensive collector and customer lists. AAAWT's primary objective is a fair trade for both buyer and seller. Check out our Broker Programs link to learn about selling though us, or to the Arms Gallery for our current offerings. If you have a wants list, please let us know. Our search service for "wants" has a very high fill rate! We look forward to working with you. Dave Hillier 978 597 8084 or

Scarce Flintlock Pistol
Pond & Co
Circa 1830

Pistol, Squeezer
by Rouchouse
Large Size Frame

Revolutionary War
Period Musket
Walnut Stock

Brokerage Program Information

Pair, Flintlock Pistols
Circa 1730

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