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Scarce Flintlock Pistol, Pond & Co, Albany, New York, New England Style Kentucky
Circa 1830
Pond & Co. of Albany, New York, built flintlock pistols for sale in America, the used barrels and locks imported from England prior to the American Revolutionary War. New England "Kentucky" style pistols are scarce and very desirable. - SOLD

The lock plate is signed "POND & Co - ALBANY" ahead of hammer; tail is engraved as is hammer, also swooping sun-ray engraving between hammer and flashpan; all within border engraving. The 8 7/8-inch plumb-brown/smoky gray octagonal barrel is .50-caliber, line engraved breech, tang and tang screw. The two-screw roller-frizzen lock (engraved screw-heads) is tight and smooth and displays a mottled dark/gray surface; single barrel wedge within silver escutcheon. Brass furniture including ramrod tip (likely original) and thimbles; trigger guard with long tang features an engraved pineapple forend; the bow with star engraving within border; buttcap is engraved; and finally, small silver oval inlayed thumbpiece. The stock is clean with a rich and smooth patina. (Trigger guard finial centered by an old ding with fill and a very small burn, both vestiges of time would seem moot other than full-disclosure.

308-428 - SOLD

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