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Kentucky Style Pistol, A. Gomph (Andrew), Curly Maple, German Silver
Lancaster, Pennsylvania (A.K.A. Gumph) Active 1843-1875
Lock Signed: Jas. Golcher, likely James of Philadelphia (Parts maker to the trade)
Backstrap Engraved: John Schoenfeld

This fine pistol has a 6 1/2" signed .45 cal. octagon barrel in lightly mottled smooth finish; raised tang rear sight. The curly maple stock displays a reddish violin varnish finish which is very eye appealing; original ramrod. A crack in the grip was repaired during the period by installing a silver backstrap engraved with owner’ s name; John Schoenfeld. All furniture is German silver including fancy engraved lock screw escutcheon. Mechanically fine, tight and smooth. (About 10.5” )



For further information, contact David Hillier or 978 597-8084.

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