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AAAWT's Man at Arms ad for Jan/Feb 2022. Our offerings are from estates, private collections, single item sellers and perpetual consignors, allowing us to match offerings with our extensive collector and customer lists. AAAWT's primary objective is a fair trade for both buyer and seller. Check out our Broker Programs link to learn about selling though us, or to the Arms Gallery for our current offerings. If you have a wants list, please let us know. Our search service for "wants" has a very high fill rate! We look forward to working with you. Dave Hillier 978 597 8084 or

Allen’s Patent Hammerless
Ring-Trigger Pepperbox,
Likely Allen & Thurber
308-616 - SOLD

Derringer, German Silver
Frame, Attributed to
James Evans, Philadelphia
308-588 $6,975

Derringer Pistol, by
Copyist Peter W. Kraft,
Columbia, South Carolina
308-486 $4,250

Deringer Pistol by Henry
Deringer, Agent: W.H.
Calhoun, Nashville, Tennessee
308-484 $2,900

Allen & Thurber Pepperbox,
Grafton, Massachusetts 6 Shot,
Fluted Barrel Ribs
308-585 - SOLD

Williamson Derringer with
Reloadable Percussion
Cap Nipple Cartridge
728-101 SOLD

Knuckle Duster Revolver,
Scarce Two-Tone
Finish, James Reid
308-574 $2,675

Moore’s Firearms, Number 1
Derringer 98% Silver,
Engraved, 1863 Patent
308-581 $3,400

Single Shot
Mississippi Derringer
728-103 SOLD

Pistol, Remington
Vest Pocket,
Saw Handle Derringer
728-102 $1,400

Colt Second Model,
Number 2 Derringer,
Trick Shooting Gun
308-578 $1,700

Remington Double Derringer,
Cased, 99% Original Finish,
2 Line Address, Elliot
308-584 - SOLD

Rare Cased & Matched
Pair of Gold
& Silver Mounted
308-587 $28,000

Canteens, Horns, Flasks and MilitariaArms Books
From Dave Hillier's
Private Library Doubles ++
Great Selection

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