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Pennsylvania Long Rifle, Kentucky Rifle, Curly Maple, Silver and Brass Mounted
Probably Pittsburg Area, Mid 19th Century
Barrel signed D. Little, Lock signed Golcher
Little was a manufacturer of rifle barrels in Pittsburg
Golcher was a lock manufacturer in Philadelphia

The 41” octagonal .50 caliber barrel is a beautiful smooth plum brown; rifling appears to remain in good condition; original lock is also plum brown and mechanically fine. Brass furniture includes nose cap, pipes, rub plate, trigger guard, butt plate with long engraved fancy tang on comb; the single lock plate screw features an engraved and scalloped brass escutcheon; under the raised cheek piece is yet another fancy engraved brass ornament; engraved four-piece patchbox. The curly maple stock is boldly striped and features sixteen pieces of silver; above the cheek piece is an oval silver inlay featuring a spread wing eagle with shield on chest. The action including hair trigger remains tight. The wrist was long ago cracked and since expertly repaired; the integrity nor the aesthetic has not been compromised. (56” overall L.)



For further information, contact David Hillier or 978 597-8084.

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