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Sep/Oct 2018 Man At Arms Ad 1 | 2

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Revolutionary War Era Joseph Perkins Philadelphia Made Fowler, VERY Rare
Master armorer Joseph Perkins worked at Rappahannock Forge in Virginia in 1776; he was the first superintendent of the Continental Armory in Philadelphia 1780 to 1782; he repaired muskets for the US Armory during the early Federal period. Also, master armorer at New London, Virginia and at harper’ s Ferry

This gun is stocked in American cherry with a 1st model Brown Bess lock with crown and “GR” cypher with no date. The .76-caliber 51.5” barrel attached by four keys is smooth bore half octagonal to round. There are four ramrod pipes each without flare receiving the wooden ramrod; brass hardware includes the buttplate featuring a nearly 6” long tang; trigger guard also with long tang features an acorn forend; the buttplate, trigger guard and rear ramrod pipe are engraved. The barrel displays a sunken oval cartouche “MP/T”. The overall condition is good, the gun displays nicely; barrel is dark gray-brown and smooth with areas of pitting limited to breech area; barrel markings and proof are easily discerned. The lock surfaces are worn; action is smooth; markings discernible however overall surface of lock and parts are pitted; top jaw screw is replacement. The brass hardware displays a medium mustard patina. The stock remains in good condition with minor repairs and losses; a glued sliver repair just forward of hammer; a 1.5” wedge-shape loss to left side of stock at muzzle and a tight glued repair on right side of fore-stock; also, a fine 7” inset repair from muzzle backward and an old glued crack on right side just forward of second pipe; lastly, there is an approximately 6” long sliver of wood loss at right side, top of channel; likely gone since the guns early working period. This is a very attractive piece by a major player. Call David for additional details. (Overall length: 67.5”.)



For further information, contact David Hillier or 978 597-8084.

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