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Flintlock Musket with Bayonet, Full Walnut Stock, .75 Caliber
Dated 1829

Flintlock Musket with Bayonet, Full Walnut Stock, .75 Caliber
This original flintlock is signed W&G Chance. Silver thumbpiece, brass nosecap, rammer pipes and triggerguad with long tang. Lock is tight, smooth and functional. The 42” barrel is dated 1829 with an eagle over “P” proof. Barrel is plum brown with uniform and minor pitting.

Flintlock Musket with Bayonet, Full Walnut Stock, .75 Caliber

Revolver, By Mass Arms Co., Adams Patent

Revolver, By Mass Arms Co., Adams Patent

Civil War, Prisoner Of War Autograph Book, Point Lookout Prison, Maryland
The autograph book of Carrie C. Morfit, Baltimore, Maryland

Civil War, Prisoner Of War Autograph Book, Point Lookout Prison, Maryland
This small, 6 by 3.75”, 82-page book, contains the autographs and annotations of approximately 157 Confederate company grade officers held prisoner at Point Lookout, Maryland. Many of the names are those of officers captured at Cheshire, Ohio while serving in General John Hunt Morgan’s division. During this fruitless “raid”, which occurred July 2 – 26th, 1863, most of Morgan’s force was captured, killed or reported missing. There are also the names of officers who were captured at Shiloh in 1862, as well as Gettysburg, Spotsylvania Court House, Petersburg and places in between.
In spite of the miserable conditions they were subjected to, the remarkable spirit of these men shines through in their short messages:
W. Kendall, 1st Lieut., Co.A, 3rd Ky Cav. From Pilot Point, Denton County, Texas had a wife and 3 children “...from whom I have not heard since the 18th of Jan 1863: but am content knowing that they are in the hands of Him by whose aid we expect eventually to succeed in the present struggle for independence...”
Benj. J. Lancaster, Lieut., Co. K, 8th Ky Cav. From Lebanon, Kentucky:
“...When the war is o’er
And not before
Will I go home
Base cowards shrink
Fools stop to think
Till Freedom is gone”
John D. Boyan, 1st Lieut., Co. A, 6th Regt. Ky Cav. From Danville, Boyle Co. Ky.
“...I am twenty six years at age unmarried, but hope soon to see the independence of my country recognized, peace established when I can ask some fair one to accompany me along the remaining portion of life’s journey.”
Francis A Boyle, 1st Lt & Adjt, 32 N.C. I. From Plymouth, N.C.
“There are three things that I desire with an exceeding longing – a Sword, a Wife, and my Freedom”
There is even a note that may clear up how Miss Morfit, a lady living in Baltimore, came to be in possession of this wonderful little book.
Lieutenant Bills of the 32nd Miss. Vol. Regt. Wrote:
“...was captured near Lafayette, Ga on the 10th of Sept / ’63 while on picket – Have been a beneficiary of the generous kindness of the many lady friends of Confed. [sic] Prisoners and feel truly grateful.”
Many, on both sides, regarded Baltimore as a Southern city and there were many living there who sympathized with the Confederate cause. Perhaps Miss Carrie C. Morfit was one of them.

Civil War, Prisoner Of War Autograph Book, Point Lookout Prison, Maryland
Civil War, Prisoner Of War Autograph Book, Point Lookout Prison, Maryland

European Pinfire Revolver
With Belgian Proofs

European Pinfire Revolver With Belgian Proofs
This lightly engraved revolver has a 7 mm, 3.5" barrel and checkered ebony grips. About 25% of the original blue remains, almost all of which is on the cylinder. Overall length: 7.375".

European Pinfire Revolver        With Belgian Proofs

Colt 1860 Army 6-cavity Gang Mold

Colt 1860 Army 6-cavity Gang Mold
These molds were supplied at the rate of one mold for every 50 revolvers.
The right block is stamped "44 H" on the side, and both handles show an "H" stamp. The right brass ferrule is stamped "80", and there is a small "D" stamped underneath the left handle. No finish remains on the metal, just scattered brown spotting.
Dimensions: 13" long.

Colt 1860 Army 6-cavity Gang Mold

Starr .41 Caliber Derringer
With Checkered Wood Grips

Starr .41 Caliber Derringer With Checkered Wood Grips
This piece is serial number 2V, and is a variation with the firing pin pinned to the frame (left & right). No traces remain of silver on the frame or blue on the barrel.
Dimensions: 5.5" overall length, 2.75" barrel length.

Starr .41 Caliber Derringer With Checkered Wood Grips

Johnson US Model 1836 Pistol, Original Flintlock

Johnson US Model 1836 Pistol, Original Flintlock
Dated on lock 1839 with one cartouche highly visible, the other is very faint. Replaced screw in frizzen spring. The gun is used but reasonably well cared for.

Johnson US Model 1836 Pistol, Original Flintlock

Small British Pocket Pistol

Small British Pocket Pistol
British proofed single shot pocket percussion pistol with screw barrel. No maker's name appears, but there are Birmingham proof marks under the barrel. The gun also shows a folding trigger and a nicely checkered bag-shaped grip, which has a silver initial plate inlet. There is light scroll engraving on the iron frame. Strong traces of blue case coloring and barrel striping remain with no metal disturbance. The barrel is very tight and has not been unscrewed recently. The gun measures 4 ¾" overall.

Small British Pocket Pistol

Colt No. 1 Derringer - SOLD

Colt No. 1 Derringer
Dimensions: 4.75" overall length, 2.25" barrel length.
MH5-8 - SOLD

Colt No. 1 Derringer

J&W Richards Over/Under Flint Pistol
Circa 1760

J&W Richards Over/Under Flint Pistol
This Richards, LONDON Over/Under tap action flintlock pistol is .45 caliber with 2 7/8" barrels. This high quality example is all iron except wood slab-sided grips. There is no engraving except an elegant double border outlining all flats.
"J" is probably John Richards 1760-1821. "W" could be a William Richards.

J&W Richards Over/Under Flint Pistol

Massachusetts Militia Musket
By N. French, Canton, Massachusetts
Light weight cherry stock with checkered wrist
Outstanding - SOLD

An outstanding example of a Commonwealth of Massachusetts Militia Musket.
As depicted, full stock with 3-thimbles; iron rod is threaded for attachments; bayonet lug under the .69 caliber, 39.25" round barrel which is mostly plumb-brown fading to smoky gray. Retaining original London flintlock, iron trigger and trigger plate; all brass furniture/ original wood has great color and patina. N. French stamped on brass side plate. Proof marks on the barrel "PM 1836 T.F." (Thomas French, Canton, 1836, Proof Massachusetts). Strong clear markings in all places.

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