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The Main House Gallery, MH22
Offerings from Our Discriminating Dealers and Consignors

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Collection of Cloth Covered Children’s Books, Blues & Browns, Circa 1825 to 1900

Antique Collection of Cloth Covered Children's Books, Circa 1825 to 1900, group view 1

Smallest: 5.5 by 3.5 by 1"; Largest: 7.5 by 5.5 by 1.25"



Antique Collection of Cloth Covered Children's Books, Circa 1825 to 1900, group view 2

Pair Of Louis XVI Candlesticks
Brass...with detachable bobeche
Circa 1790

The bobeche cast with beaded edge sits within molded candle sockets cast with leaf-tip ornamentation above down-swept base with leafy decoration...above tapering standard continuing to leafy plinth on reel raised on dished base with cast decoration. Excellent condition. (Height: 10.75-inches.)



Toddy Ladle, Punch Ladle, Coin Silver and Twist Baleen Handle, 1728 Sixpence
Early 19th Century
Straight and twisted silver tipped handle, reeded edge double lipped bowl, 15"



Round Handled 19th Century Basket in Natural Surface

Dimensions: 14-inch handle height, 13.5-inch diameter.



Wrought Iron Toasting Rack

With rectangular cage and elaborately scrolled prongs; hinged twisted handle with ram's horn terminus. (Length: 26 inches; width: 15.5 inches; height: 7 inches.)



Peter & Ann Bateman Silver Sugar Tongs
London, Circa 1795

Pair of sugar tongs with bright cut engraving that remain in excellent condition.
Marked "Peter and Ann Bateman" and "u" of 1795 London hallmark.
Dimensions: 5.25-inches long.



Staffordshire Figure, Sailor, Hands on Hips, Brimmed Hat, and Neckerchief, 12"
Thomas Parr Pottery, Jack Tar, Crimean War
19th Century

See figure 848, Victorian Staffordshire Figures 1835-1875 by A.&N. Harding



Painted Pantry Box
Tack and peg construction
19th Century
Pine and maple

Original dark green paint...some thinning and loss-overall excellent.
Dimensions: 8-inch diameter, 3.5-inches high.



Child's Ladder-Back Armchair
New England
18th Century

Original turned finials centering three shaped slats...the posts joined by turned box stretcher. The chair is in Victorian black paint with gold striping. Height loss otherwise fine. (Height: 24 inches; seat height: 5.5 inches; width: 14 inches; depth: 10 inches.



Hepplewhite Table, One Drawer Stand, Old Surface
New England
Circa 1800
Cherry - SOLD

The overhanging top on plain apron having single drawer with brass pull raised on double tapered legs. (H: 27.25"; top: 22.25" by 17.5")

492-72 - SOLD

Foot Warmer, Wood Box Form, Molded, Original Surface, Complete
Circa 1780 to 1810

Rectangular foot stove having projecting molded top and bottom; molded stiles, all panels pierced, and a horizontal sliding door which exposes the interior fitted with removable sheet-iron coal pan. (H: 7.25"; W: 10.25"; D: 8")



Red and Black Redware Jar
19th Century - SOLD

Dimensions: 5.5-inches high.


SHF-306 - SOLD

Sterling Silver Mug
A. Jacobs & Sons, New York City
Circa 1820-50

Dimensions: 3.125" high, 2.5-inch diameter.



Pair of Brass Alloy Candlesticks, Bell Metal, Tall, Elegant, and Refined, Beaded
Circa 1770

The upswept integral bobeche above a long nozzle, reel turning, and barrel form knop; all above the downward tapering stems resting on a shallow circular base with beaded rim. The sticks are ornamented with engine turned concentric rings; excellent. (10")



Unmarked Coin Silver Christening Mug
19th Century

Dimensions: 3.875" high, 2.625" diameter.



Cylindrical Spirit Bottle, Blown, Dark Green

Dimensions: 10.5" H.



Capstan Candlestick, Hexagonal Shaped Nozzle
Circa 1600

Circular base with small foot rising conically to upswept grease tray with molded rim; the hexagonal shaped nozzle featuring rare scalloped top and bottom centering pierced candle windows.
Dings to base, tight drip-pan crease. (H: 4 1/8")



Set of Six Cut and Blown Wine Glasses

Six flint wine glasses, funnel bowls, cut panel decoration, and applied blade stems, solid foot, ground pontils, no chips or cracks.
Dimensions: each 4-inches high.



Splint Holder, Counterweight
Blacksmith Made
Late 18th Early 19th Century

For pole and block base.
Dimensions: 15.5" H.



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Tin, Sconce, Flute, Salamander
Sold separately

Flute, Anniversary Tin
19th Century

Sconce, Oval
19th Century
Early good size tin sconce with crimped border and crimped candle cup. There are wear spots as seen in photo.
Dimensions: 15.75" H, 9.25" W, 5.5" D.

Iron, Salamander
18th Century

Blue Transfer Plate
Stubbs & Kent, Longport
Circa 1828-1830
Shell Pattern - SOLD

As depicted, dark blue transfer-ware plate, shell pattern with impressed mark on reverse, restored. (Diameter: 10".)

738-12 - SOLD

Carving of a Woman
Circa 19th Century - SOLD

Dimensions: 13.5-inches long, 3.75-inches wide, 1.5-inches deep.

171-23 - SOLD

Small Seated Cat
19th Century - SOLD

As depicted, a small seated chalkware cat on square base; black and red paint, old break and repair on front corner of base. (Height: 4.5-inches.)

799-2 - SOLD

Red Painted Peach Basket - SOLD

Dimensions: 11.5-inches high, 14.25-inch diameter.

553-17 - SOLD

Sterling Silver Mug
C. Stewart, New York City
Circa 1840 - SOLD

Dimensions: 4.25-inches high, 3.125-inch diameter.

632-11 - SOLD

Shaving Mirror, Curly Maple
New England
Circa 1942
Bench made; signed by maker - SOLD

Dimensions: 20" H, 19.5" W, 10.25" D.

909-21 - SOLD

Wood Block Silhouette in Eglomaise Frame - SOLD

This 19th century silhouette shows wear as well as a tear yet it is framed in a desirable eglomaise frame. Dimensions: 5.5 by 6.5-inch overall.

707-13 - SOLD

1817 Pennsylvania Birth Announcement - SOLD

Watercolor and ink on paper in figured maple frame.
Dimensions: 4.25 by 4-inch frame, 2.5 by 3.25-inch sight-size.

553-24 - SOLD

Early Wood Busk
Ex Joan Thayer Collection - SOLD

A well-used wood busk, painted black with gilt hearts, pomegranate decoration and signed SAL.
Dimensions: 13.75-inches long.

508-5 - SOLD

Two Cut Paper Silhouettes in Gilt Frames - SOLD

Dimensions: 3.125 by 3.875-inch frames, 2 by 2.875-inch sight-sizes.

576-11 - SOLD

Love Token Knitting Sheath
Britain or Wales - SOLD

Exquisitely carved fruitwood knitting sheath.
Condition: excellent.
Dimensions: 13.25-inches long.

348-211 - SOLD

Game Rack, Carved and Painted, Wrought Iron
Green Paint over Red Primer
Anonymous - SOLD

(8.75 by 36 by .75")

424-112 - SOLD

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