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The Main House Gallery, MH20
Offerings from Our Discriminating Dealers and Consignors

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Thumb Door Latch with Hardware, Early Green Paint
19th Century

Complete set
Dimensions: 6.5 by 2”.



Lot Of Four
Miniature Pearlware Plates
And A Toy Pearlware Dish
19th Century

Toy pearlware dish, 2.5-inches Diameter, cobalt feather edge, impressed on reverse "IH / 9" for John Heath, Burslem, Staffordshire active c. 1809 - 1823, excellent condition; miniature pearlware dish with cobalt feathered edge, painted cobalt floral decoration in center, partial impressed marks on reverse, excellent condition; miniature lobed feathered edge dish, impressed circle on reverse, excellent condition; miniature octagonal feathered edge dish, cobalt trim, "2" impressed on reverse, small chips on rim. (Diameters: 2.5 inches; 3.5 inches; 3.5 inches; 4.25 inches.)

$395 for the lot of four...


Aqua Glass Muffineer

19th Century aqua and white ribbed muffineer with diamond pattern. This piece is in excellent condition with the original pierced top.
Dimensions: 4.25-inches tall.



Sterling Silver Mug
Wood & Hughes, New York City
Circa 1845-99

Dimensions: 3.5-inches high, 3-inch diameter.



Burroughs & Mountford Co. Biscuit Jar with Floral Transfer Design

Trenton, New Jersey earthenware biscuit jar is marked "B. & M. / CHINA" on bottom; circa 1879-1882.
Slight wear on gilding on handle otherwise excellent.
Dimensions: 7" high.



Glengarry Cap, Beaded, Native American
Probably Seneca Reservation, Western New York
Circa 1880

Excellent condition with extremely minor bead losses. (L: 11.25")



Baseball Card, Colgans Violet Chips
Round 1910 gum card
Lew Brocket, New York, AL

Dimensions: 1.5" diameter.



Doll, Black Rag Doll, Original Red Calico Dress
19th Century

Hand stitched embroidered face
(Dimensions: 18”)



Sterling Silver Mug
Wood & Hughes, New York City
Circa 1845-99

Dimensions: 3-inches high, 2.625-inch diameter.



Sheraton Reverse Painted Mirror
Circa 1825

Measures 11 by 22-inches.



Burning Ship At Sea
Circa 1900
Oil on canvas

A sailing ship flying her American colors come to the rescue.
Mounted on original stretcher within original frame. (Frame: 26.25 x 22 inches; view: 19 x 15.25 inches.)



Decoy, Carved Miniature Duck, Original paint, Vintage
Unknown Maker

(Good condition, craquelure; H: 4.25", W: 3.75", D: 3.75")



Watercolor Landscape Painting
Nineteenth Century
Signed on reverse Nichols, mounted in gessoed and gilt frame

Not examined out of frame (Frame: 15 by 10"; view: 10.5 by 5.5")



Copperplate Engraving of Robert Cecil, Earl of Salisbury

Portrait of Robert Cecil, Earl of Salisbury framed in lettered oval and with symbolic devices, signed in lower left, "Impensis J. & P. Knapton London, 1747"
Dimensions: 17.5-inches by 12-inches framed, 15.25-inches by 9.5-inches view.



Cranberry Cut Glass Scent Bottle
With Sterling Cap
Signed silver cap...

Cylinder shaped cut glass scent bottle, cranberry, original stopper, English, sterling cap, Birmingham hallmarks on collar and cap, H & T (Hilliard & Thomason), excellent condition. (Height: 3-inches.)



Floral and Foliate
18th Century

Floral and foliate needlework; silk on linen wrought in pink, blue, green, silver and gold threads, framed against a piece of quilted navy blue wool. (13 ¾-inches x 10 ½-inches framed, Viewed needlework measures: 11 ¾-inches x 9 ¼-inches.)



Glass Knife Rest
Reddish-brown, White, and Blue Twisted Ribbon
Probably Early 19th Century

As depicted, clear glass knife rest with twisted ribbons, hand tooled, and excellent condition. (Length: 3.5-inches.)



Dough Scraper, Sugar Nips, Wrought Iron
Sold separately

Dough Scraper, Wrought Iron
Circa 1800
Twisted handle finished with rat tail loop; used on kneading board
L: 5.5"

Sugar Nips, Iron, Hand Held, Crescent Blades, Cast Decoration
Circa 1800

Box joint spring, clasp, and tapper intact
L: 9.25"

Stoneware, Crock, Jug, Massachusetts, New York
Sold separately

Stoneware Crock, Cobalt Leaf Decorated, One Gallon, F.B. Norton, Worcester
Frank B. Norton, Circa 1858 to 1880 (Worcester, Massachusetts)
Straight sides, lug handles, impressed maker's mark

(Fine condition; H: 7.25")

Stoneware, Jug, Spouted, Porter and Fraser, Stylized Cobalt Leaf Decorated
Stamped Porter & Fraser, West Troy, New York, Circa 1845 to 1855
(Very good condition; H: 14.5")

Pewter, Candlesticks, Sugar Bowl
Sold separately

Left to right:
Candlestick, Pewter
19th Century
Remaining in excellent condition, with a removable bobeche and gadrooned borders.
Dimensions: 11" H.


Pewter, Spoon Stand/Sugar Bowl
Circa 1800

With makers mark.
Dimensions: 6" H.

Chamber Stick, Pewter
Signed James Dixon and Sons
Remains in excellent condition.
Dimensions: 1.75" H, 6.75" diameter.

Candlesticks, Pair, Pewter, Rococo
Circa 1775

With makers mark.
Dimensions: 4.5" H, 4.5" base diameter.

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Black and Gold
Late 19th Century - SOLD

As depicted, a small square-nailed board...the gold-powder and black squares within a mitered frame painted black. (12.75 x 12.5 x 1 inches)

520-1 - SOLD

Noah's Ark, Painted, 22 Carved Painted Animals
Probably Germany
Circa 1880 to 1900 - SOLD

In good condition, fabric hinged lid, wire latch, painted creamy white with stenciled windows and trim. (H: 4.25"; W: 9.75"; D: 2.75", hinges now painted tape)

428-15 - SOLD

Crashing Surf and Lighthouse
Coast Of Maine
Oil on academy board - SOLD

As depicted, mounted within gilt frame; minor losses.
(Frame: 11.75 x 15.75 inches; view: 7.75 x 11.75 inches.

586-1 - SOLD

Theorem, Sampler, Treen, Boxes
Sold separately

Antique Theorem, Sampler, Treen and Boxes, group view

Background, left to right:
Needlework, Sampler, Alphabet with House

Theorem, Watercolor on Velvet, Floral Compote - SOLD
On original stretcher, unframed.
Dimensions: 19 by 16.5".

Wallpaper Bound Copy Book, 1836 - SOLD

Foreground, left to right:
Box, Wallpaper Covered Trinket Box
19th Century
Brown floral paper with brown velvet pin cushion on top and a small early mirror inside.
Dimensions: 4" H; 6.5" W; 4.5" D.

Bucket, Good Girl
19th Century
Freehand painting with patriotic theme. Bucket has been well loved.
Dimensions: 4.25" H, 5.5" diameter.

Cutting Board
19th Century
Simple round cutting board with blue border.
Board has been glued.
Dimensions: 10" diameter.

Box, Wallpaper Covered Oval Box
Early 19th Century
Top of box is stuffed and covered with a faded red wool. Wear to paper but an early survivor.
Dimensions: 7" H; 10.25" W; 7.5" D.

Hollow-cut Silhouette
Peale Museum
19th Century - SOLD

As depicted, hollow-cut profile of lady above "Museum" stamp; mounted within original painted frame, having outstanding surface and retaining original backboard.
Dimensions: 5 by 6-inch frame, 3.75 by 4.75-inch sight-size.

903-50 - SOLD

Sterling Silver Mug
William Gale & Son, New York City
Circa 1850-70 - SOLD

Dimensions: 3.25-inches high, 2.75-inch diameter.

632-7 - SOLD

Tole Monteith, Painted Sheet Iron, Waterscape with Sailboats, Oval
Probably French
Circa 1800 to 1830 - SOLD

The exterior retaining original paint and painted ornamentation, overall condition is superb; gray paint within interior looks to have been refreshed with all else fine.
(H: 5.25"; W: 12.5"; D: 9.5")

659-39 - SOLD

Carved Watch Hutch, Hanging, Original Paint and Decoration
Early 19th Century
Pine - SOLD

Tall scalloped back above molded shelf centered by scalloped down-sloping sides; the case with molded mortise and tenon (wood pegs) tombstone shaped door on original wire hinges rests on a projecting molded base. Case features full coverage scratch carved trailing vines and painted floral ornamentation. Other than a couple molding dings confined to base, this piece, including glass remains in excellent original condition. (H: 11"; W: 4.5"; D: 2.5")

912-229 - SOLD

Two Velvet Carrots
Sold separately - SOLD

Velvet Carrot
19th Century
Dimensions: 12-inches long.

Velvet Carrot
19th Century
Dimensions: 8-inches long.

Long Handled Frying Pan
Late 18th-Early 19th Century
Wrought Iron - SOLD

Indecipherable signature in rectangle; offset at pan and looped hanging ring.
(Length: 45.75 inches; skillet diameter: 13 inches.)

731-42 - SOLD

Candle Mold, 25 Tubes, Pair Scroll Strap Handles
Probably New England
Circa 1800 to 1840 - SOLD

High-pan canted top and base, H: 10.25"; W: 12"; D: 7.75"

932-2 - SOLD

Single Square Base Brass Candlestick
18th Century
England - SOLD

This 7-inch stick remains in very good condition.

738-10 - SOLD

Pair of Ladies Watercolor and Ink Fireplace Fans Circa 1820 - SOLD

Hand painted ladies fans used for cooling themselves as they would sit by the fireplace. This pair of fans is representative of many areas of schoolgirl art watercolor paintings, penmanship, literature and music.
Made of gold foil bordered paper with turned and incised wood handles.
Found in Connecticut
Dimensions: Overall 15 by 9-inches.

266-10 - SOLD

Covered Treen Box - SOLD

Well used treen box in original surface. Shows wear from well over a century plus years of utilitarian use.
Dimensions: 2.75-inches tall, 3.5-inches at its widest.

553-106 - SOLD

Buckeye Centennial Folding Trade Card
With Harrison & Cleveland
Dated 1888 - SOLD

The card has a congressional map of Ohio, plus statistical information about Ohio.
Dimensions: 4 by 5.25-inches.

171-32 - SOLD

Footed Iron Heart Trivet
19th Century - SOLD

Dimensions: 2-inches high, 6.25-inches wide, 10-inches deep.

553-33 - SOLD

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