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Flint Enamel Candlestick, Large Example
Unmarked, likely Lyman Fenton & Co.
Bennington, VT (c. 1849 to 1858)

Antique Unmarked Flint Enamel Candlestick, Vermont, Circa 1849, entire view

Large single candlestick with mottled yellow, brown, and burnt amber coloring. Extremely minor wear on base from age, otherwise no restoration on edges. Form indicates origin. (H: 10"; diameter: 5")



Queen Anne Candlesticks, Pair, Brass
English, Circa 1740 to 1760

Antique Pair of English Queen Anne Candlesticks, Circa 1740, entire view

(H: 7.25”)



Antique Pair of English Queen Anne Candlesticks, Circa 1740, base detail

Brass Tavern Candlestick with Bell, England, 19th Century

Antique Brass Tavern Candlstick with Bell, England, 19th Century, entire view

(H: 12.5”, base: 6”)



Antique Brass Tavern Candlstick with Bell, England, 19th Century, base detail

Pair, Queen Anne Brass Petal Base Candlesticks, Seamed Construction, Baluster Stems
England, Circa 1750 to 1760
The nozzles feature petal form bobeches - SOLD

Antique Pair of Queen Anne Petal Base Candlesticks, England Circa 1750, pair view

(Minor imperfections consistent with age, polishing and use, lovely; 8”)

1008-53 - SOLD

13th or 14th Century Pricket Candlestick, Flemish or Netherlands - SOLD

Antique Pricket Candlestick, Flemish or Netherlands, 13th or 14th Century, entire view

Pricket above grease pan on stem with central knop raised on circular base having apron above triffid feet. [We remember this selling in 1995 for 15,000-bucks]
(H: 8”, diameter: 4”)

660-31 - SOLD

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