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The Main House Gallery, MH17
Offerings from a Multiple Consignors
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Antique Right Angle Food Chopper, Filed Heart, Brass Brazed Ferrule, Carved Handle Unknown Maker, 19th Century

(Height: 6"; width: 9.5"; depth: 1")




Posnet Pot, Large Cast Bronze Pot, Tapered & Decorated Handle, Feet at Full Height Anonymous, 18th Century…fine condition

(Length: 24.5"; pot diameter: 11"; height: 8.5”)



Skimmer, Brass, Signed, R. Lee
(Richard Lee Sr./Jr. (1775-1858), Springfield, VT, 1795-1815

Pierced ladle featuring raised circular bowl attached with three small rivets to a slender, faceted, downturned handle flattened into a flared and pointed end with pierced hole; all rivets domed on front and flat on back. Back of handle struck "R.LEE" in raised roman letters in a scalloped rectangle. Attributed to Richard Lee Jr. (1775-1858), who worked in Springfield, Vermont, 1795-1815, and Beverly, MA, 1816-1820. Lee Jr. was the son of Richard Lee Sr. (1747-1823), an itinerant pewterer who worked in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Springfield, VT, between 1773 and 1823. Lee Sr. is believed to have sold brass and pewter made by his son; both Lees are thought to have used the same marks, making it difficult to attribute pieces to the father or son.

(Old patina, not polished; small tear centered by rivets, about 3.8 inch, all else fine. Length: 12.25”, diameter: 5”)



Mortar and Pestle, Marriage Mortar, Bronze, Fine, Great Color, Around 1620 Likely Krefeld (known as Crefeld until 1929) or Kleve, Germany

For, Frans Seiben and Leisbet Adams...featuring a Maltese cross as a symbol of their church. Anonymous maker which is not unusual. To view a nearly identical example in the collection of the Welcome Museum, London seeNederlandse Vijzels by Dr. D.A. Wittop de Koning, page 105, number 153. (Mortar height: 5.25"; pestle length: 8.5")



Herb Grinder, Antique Herb Boat,
Turned Wooden Roller and Trough New England,
Early 19th Century Birch

(Length: 11.5"; width: 10"; height: 6.25")



Antique Wrought Iron Game Rack, Folksy Bird Pulling Worm Anonymous, 18th or Early 19th Century Decorative scrollwork…ornamented with chisel decorated profile of bird

One scroll missing to left of bird within hoop, else fine; height:11”, width: 14”, the depth is 3” including mounting spikes



Dutch Bronze Mortar, Circle of Hendrik Wegewart, Deventer, Dated 1590 Deventer, Netherlands

The frieze above the waisted tapering body decorated with scrolling foliage, with open square shaped handles, above a spreading foot which are more Gothic than later dolphin type handles. Typical of most early examples, no pestle. Superb color… (Height: 3.75”, diameter: 3.75”)



Skimmer, Brass Sieve, copper and Wrought Iron, Heart Pierced Handle
Anonymous, Circa 1780 to 1840

Antique Wrought Iron Skimmer with Brass Sieve and Heart Pierced Handle, Circa 1780, entire view

(L: 17.75”)



Antique Wrought Iron Skimmer with Brass Sieve and Heart Pierced Handle, Circa 1780, sieve detail

Mounted Sugar Cutters, Nippers, Turned Handle on Base, Wrought and Cast Iron
Tabletop model, Circa 1790 to 1810ish

Antique Mounted Wrought and Cast Iron Sugar Cutters, Circa 1790 to 1810, angle view

Turned walnut handle with traces of original black paint, nips are nice plumb-brown, base retains original black paint. (L: 14”, H: 6”)



Early American Lighting Accessory, Wick Pick, Pick Wicks
American, Circa 1820
Beautifully turned wick-pick in fine original condition

Used to pick charred bits from wicks, and to pick-up drooping wicks; facilitating a bright flame for increased light. (Dimensions: 3.5")



Game Rack, Scalloped Crest, Incised Decoration, Wrought Iron Hooks
Probably American
18th Century
White pine, beautiful dry patina, guaranteed antique

(23.5 by 9 by 1")



Kettle Tilter, Tipper, Wrought Iron, 19"
18th Century
Circa 1750 to 1820

This simple hearth kettle tipper features a graceful curved handle with button terminal; the handle allowing user to pour a cup of boiling liquid without removing kettle from fireplace.



Jamb Hooks, Pair of Brass and Iron, Fireplace Tool Holders
America or England, Early 19th Century Quality and Style

The brass face plate slides over the iron bracket which is screwed to wall allowing for hooks to be easily removed and cleaned. (Dimensions: 2.5" H, 4.5" W, 4" D)



Griddle, Cast and Wrought Iron Skillet on Spider Legs, Open Hearth, 15”
Unknown Maker, Circa 1750

Antique Cast and Wrought Iron Griddle on Spider Legs, Circa 1750, angle view

(Overall H: 14”, feet: 2.75”, diameter: 15”)



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For More Information on these items, call 978-597-8084 or DRH@AAAWT.COM

Antique Associates at West Townsend offers limited Room and Case Dealer space at favorable rates for dealers and dealer-collectors to exhibit high quality antiques, art and antique arms. Learn About Our Dealer Space online, or contact Lynn Hillier, our Main House Manager, at LCH@AAAWT.COM or 978-597-8084 with any questions. Many long time dealers and collectors are giving up the day to day shop routine, and letting AAAWT's Main House Staff do the work for them.
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