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The Main House Gallery, MH10
Offerings from Our Discriminating Dealers and Consignors

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Clockwork Lumbering Bear

Lumbers Slowly, Good Overall Condition
(16" long)



Pointy Eared Clockwork Dog

Works Well
(9" long)



Jack Russell Terrier Candy Container, Original Leather Collar & Tag

Good Condition
(12" long)



Composition Nodding Clown Riding a Rabbit Candy Container
Complete with Saddle & Harness

Very Good Condition.
Dimensions: 6" by 8".



German Santa Candy Container - SOLD

Composition Face & Hands, Holding a Feather Tree and Bag of Toys Tied at Waist
Good Condition
Dimensions: height: 9.5".

MH10-55 - SOLD


German Santa Riding a Felt Covered Polar Bear, Candy Container - SOLD

Very Good Condition
Dimensions: height: 10".

MH10-54 - SOLD

German Mohair Sitting Rabbit Candy Container - SOLD

Very Good Condition
Dimensions: height: 10".

MH10-53 - SOLD

Jack Rabbit Clockwork Nodder
Two Candy Baskets

Excellent Working Condition
Dimensions: 16" long.



French Mechanical (wind up) Elephant, Walks, Wags Tail and Flaps Ears

Works Well with Original Blanket



Pair of German Mohair Rabbit Candy Containers
Glass Eyes - SOLD

Good Condition


MH10-50 - SOLD

German Camel Nodder Pull Toy with Tin Wheels
Works Great

very good condition.
Dimensions: 8" by 9".



Composition Elephant Candy Container, Wagging Ears and Tail

Great condition.
Dimensions: 5.5 by 4 by 2.5”.



Candy Container, Rabbit with Blanket and Rider in Top Hat

Great condition.
Dimensions: 3 by 7 by 8.75”.



Clockwork Double Clown Rocker
German - SOLD

In fine working condition.
Dimensions: 3.5 by 7.5 by 6”.


Small Brown Mohair Bunny Container
German - SOLD

Great condition.
Dimensions: 4 by 4.5 by 2.5”.


MH10-45 - SOLD

Clockwork Black Cat, Meows and Moves Legs and Tail
Real fur

Dimensions: 10”..



Bull Mastif Candy Container, Composition

Good condition.
Dimensions: 8.5”.



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For More Information on these items, call 978-597-8084 or
Email Lynn Hillier at LCH@AAAWT.COM

Antique Associates at West Townsend offers limited Room and Case Dealer space at favorable rates for dealers and dealer-collectors to exhibit high quality antiques, art and antique arms. Learn About Our Dealer Space online, or give Lynn Hillier, our Main House Manager, a call with any questions or interests. Many long time dealers and collectors are giving up the day to day shop routine, and letting AAAWT's Main House Staff do the work for them.

If consigning is more your taste, David Hillier, AAAWT's Founder and Broker, can help you with Consignment Terms and No-Risk Brokerage Programs information. 80% of our 5000+ offering are consigned to us by dealers, collectors, and estates, who are tired of absorbing the risk and financial burdens of the auction venue. Let David Hillier DRH@AAAWT.COM walk you through our full service process.

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