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Antique Trade Sign,
Tailor Shop, M.M.
Brown, Scissors & Iron,
America 19th Century
532-171 $4,650

Paint Decorated Trunk,
Flattop, Maine, Possibly
Paris Hill 1835-1840
532-155 $6,950

Paint Decorated One
Drawer Stand, Checkerboard
Top, Original Condition
431-137 - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign,
Jeweler, Watchmaker,
Pocket Watch Form
1409-8 - SOLD

A Fine Country Classical
Paint Decorated Center
Table, Exquisite Design
362-16 $14,500

Folk Painting of George
Washington by Michigan
Barber Cyrus T. Fuery
362-18 $17,750

Small Winged Settle
Bench in Historic Surface,
Red Paint, Great Patina,
England 18th Century
187-96 $5,650

Paper Mache Pig, Butcher’s
Shop Window Decoration
Old King Cole Paper
Mache Co., Canton Ohio
362-17 - SOLD

18th Century Hooded
Cupboard, Mohawk Valley,
New York, Original
Salmon-Red Paint
362-24 P.O.R.

Country Hepplewhite
Four Drawer Chest
in Original Red
Paint, New England
532-173 $2,600

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