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Painting, Allegorical Hudson
River Valley Painting,
Bathsheba At Her Bath
Signed: E. V. Striefkert / 1745
327-22 $12,500

Portrait, Zachary Taylor,
After a Print by Alfred Hoffy
Taken From a Drawing by a
Member of Taylor’s Company –
Captain Eaton
1121-72 $5,700

Chest on Chest, Queen Anne,
Unusually Small Example,
Carved Hartford Connecticut
Area, possibly Suffield
621-171 $14,500

Snuff Box, Dutch Tabaksdoos,
Sliding Top and Base,
Mixed Metal, Silver Washed
738-92 $4,875

Highboy, Bonnet Top,
Housatonic Valley,
Probably Litchfield
621-174 $30,500

Homespun Quilted Coverlet,
Blue Crewelwork,
Connecticut River Valley
621-150 $8,300

Side Chair, Queen Anne,
Compass Seat, Possibly
Saybrook, Connecticut
621-161 $4,875

Desk on Frame,
Chippendale, The Stocking
Group, Connecticut
621-172 $14,500

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