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October 2018 Maine Antiques Digest Ad
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Near Pair of Roundabout Chairs by a Single Maker in Same Shop, Original Surface
New England, Circa 1775-1800

The carved pillow [cushion]-crests on flat arms terminating with robust out-scrolled [spurred] handholds having notched returns are raised on ring turned tapered posts centering solid vasiform splats set in bold molded shoes; square slip-seats over

deep skirt-profile concealing close stool, one chair remains fitted for a pot. The frontal cabriole legs feature volute scrolled knee returns and relief carved molding conforming to upper profile; rear legs are bottle/vasiform and reel form. Both chairs retain nearly 100% of first brown paint displaying a good patina. One chair is a tad taller (full height), otherwise they display the same shop traditions and were likely made from the same templates. Excellent condition; one chair measures 32.5” at pillow…the other 30 5/8” measured at pillow; chairs are both full height with seat height being 16.5”.


Ex Collection of Miriam and Arthur Spector;
Example with potty seat: Ex Wayne Pratt, Inc. and Ex Israel Sack.
The other example: Ex H.L. Chalfant.


Chair with potty seat is illustrated in Albert Sack's the New Fine Points of Furniture, as "Better," page 64.



4-Gallon Stoneware Crock, Brushed and Slip Trailed Cobalt Paddle Tail Bird Decoration
Unsigned, Impressed 4, Likely N.Y., 19th Century

Semi-ovoid with tooled collar, semi-rounded rim, applied lug handles; deep, dark, greasy cobalt blue decoration featuring a detailed bird perched on flowering vine.
(Excellent condition; H: 12.5”)



Trade Sign in Original Paint, Nice Small Size, G. Kruger Boot & Shoe Maker
Anonymous, 19th Century

The sign features original applied moldings and desirable blue background; nice detail including stitchery; windward sign is heavily weathered as expected. (15.75 x 22 x 2")



A Fine and Rare Crowing Rooster, Spread-Wing Weathervane, J.W. Fiske, C. 1880-1893
Best Surface, Outstanding Original Condition; Verdigris and gilt - SOLD

Molded Copper, full-body form with outstretched wings, perched on a ball above an arrow with sheet copper fletching, verdigris surface, on stand. (Untouched perfect condition; overall height: 25.5”, wingspan: 24.75”.)

923-2 - SOLD

Paint Decorated Tall Case Clock - Maker Signed; Rufus Cole, New York State, Circa 1825
SIGNED R. COLE PAINTER (Rufus Cole 1804-1874)
Outstanding fancy paint decoration, bright surface - SOLD

Rufus Cole worked in partnership with his father, Abraham, in the Mohawk Valley of New York at Broadalbin - just west of Albany, father and son’s combined talents and skills to produce notable tall case clocks during the 1820s and the early 1830s. Abraham Cole is listed in the 1835 Grantor Records of Montgomery County as carpenter and co-owner of a sawmill with son Rufus listed as a painter; underscoring the logic that father made the cases while son painted and decorated. The year 1850 finds Rufus listed as a 46-year-old painter within the Fulton County census; he was painting houses, signs and carriages long after woodworks tall clocks were no longer being made.

This duo incorporated a variety of 30-hour wooden works made by prominent makers of the period; all bonnets and cases are similar; finial shapes vary. (These finials are original.) This dramatic example features imaginative whirling flourishes grained in shades of brownish- red against a background of ochre-yellow producing a feast of motion, color and light. While the paint was wet, Cole created faux-inlay stringing by carefully removing the paint solution in straight lines. The elaborately ornamented case is gilt stenciled with bronze powder motifs found on the bonnet, throat and base; featured are diamond shaped devices on the throat and base that are painted black that present a strong contrasting palate for over-stenciled baskets of fruits and flowers. Adding a touch of whimsy are the top hats painted on the returns of the “broken arch” bonnet pediment; other motifs include foliage, flowers and pineapple; of great importance is the decorator’s signature “R. Cole/Painter” which is stenciled on the base apron.

The 30-hour movement and seat-board appear to be original to the case. The case and its decoration remain in a most high state of originality with only extremely minor conservation that David will be happy to explain. (Height: 84”; width: 17”; depth: 10”) Please know that shipping/delivery is easy, reasonable and not a problem.

677-1 - SOLD

Weathervane, Fiske, Horse, Sulky & Driver, C. 1865-1870, Untouched Original Condition
Outstanding Surface, 45-Inches, J.W. Fiske, New York, late 19th century
Displaying encyclopedic surface, verdigris and mustard sizing, beautiful patina

Rare large size molded full body featuring copper figures, with cast zinc horse and driver's heads, mounted on a copper rod, with stand.
(Width: 45”, height: 23.75”, depth: 3”)




Cigar Store, Tobacconist Figure, Classical Pose, Carved and Painted
Anonymous, 19th Century (Height: 45.75”)



A Desirable Small Chippendale Reverse Serpentine Chest, Mahogany, 34.5” Wide
Probably Massachusetts, Circa 1770-1780
Mahogany, pine, period brass hardware

The top with thumb-molded edge and serpentine front above a conforming case containing four long graduated drawers; the whole on molded base resting on applied bracket feet. (Height: 31”; Width: 34.5”; Depth: 20.5”)



Mrs. Moses B. Russell (1809-1854) Portrait of Child in Blue Dress
Mounted within a pressed brass frame; (Frame: 3.75 X 3”, view: 1.5 X 2”)



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