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Oct 2020 Maine Antiques Digest Ad
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October 2020 MAD........... Follow the Links for Pics and Descriptions

Middletown, Connecticut
House Sampler,
Dated 1828
324-71 $4,500

Needlework Sampler,
Morning, Middlesex County,
324-69 $7,675

Old Master Painting, Full
Length Portrait of Little
Girl Holding a Flower
570-656 $75,750

President Ulysses S. Grant
Presentation Gold Quartz
Match Safe, Circa 1869
232-366 - SOLD

Hurricane Shades for
Candlesticks, Early Green
Bottle Glass, RARE
1127-4 $8,500

Queen Anne, Paint
Decorated, Gameboard
Top Candlestand
240-254 $13,650

Westerwald Bottle,
Square Body Kruke,
Pewter Mounted Jar
Germany, c. 1730-1750
1012-163 $1,075

Westerwald Salt Glaze
Stoneware Krug, Pewter
Mounted Germany, c. 1700
1012-162 $2,450

19th C. Wool Tablemat,
Basket of Flowers Likely
New England, Mid-19th C.
1002-306 $1,385

Child’s Corner Chair,
Youth’s Round-A-Bout,
RARE New England, 18th C.
1191-3 $1,575

281-78 $35,500

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