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Crooked Knives, Basket Gauge, Native American, Carved, Inlaid, 19th Century

Background, left to right:
Crooked Knife, Mocotaugan, Pictograph; Woman’s Legs, Chip Carved, Copper Ferrule
Penobscot, Circa 1870 to 1880, Initialed H.C.R.
Maple, Rich Patina - SOLD

Dimensions: overall L: 8.5”

Crooked Knife, Mocotaugan, Woman’s Photo Mounted within Violin Scrolled Handle
Eastern Woodlands, Circa 1880
Butternut, nice patina - SOLD
A rare mixed media knife, the blade secured with pewter inlay, relief carved hearts

Dimensions: overall L: 9”

Crooked Knife, a Rare Form; Hand and Forearm, Coastal Maine, Circa 1870
Birch, good patina, bone shirtsleeve

Crooked Knife, Mocotaugan, Open Beak Eagle Form, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Circa 1900
Brass wire wrapped

Foreground, left to right:
Folk Art Carved Crooked Knife, Mocotaugan, Relief Carved Animals, Birds, 1881
Eastern Great Lakes Region
The handle displays a star centering initials “F - L” flanked by serpents and a large heart terminus; handle sides ornamented with cat, dogs, fish, bird and heart; all against an incised grid; rich patina.

Basket Makers Splint Gauge, Micmac or Penobscot, Circa 1890, Utility and Art Combined
Carved dog head terminus, scratch carved stag, heron, foliate & other decorative devices
Ex Wellington Collection

Dimensions: overall L: 6”

Folk Art Carved Crooked Knife, Mocotaugan, Mirror, Open Scrolled Terminus
Eastern Woodlands, Circa 1850 to 1870
Ash burl handle displaying masterful carving, cross hatched hearts; saw tooth and grid patterns; mirror plate set within dovetailed pewter frame

For further information, contact David Hillier or 978 597-8084.

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