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Mar 2021 Maine Antiques Digest Ad
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March 2021 MAD........... Follow the Links for Pics and Descriptions

Rigdon & Ansley Confederate
Revolver, Serial Number 2136
Augusta, Georgia
1310-128 SOLD

A Fine and Early
Federal Inlaid Mirror,
New York City
270-175 SOLD

Folk Art Double Portrait,
Mother and Child
Holding Watch New England,
Circa 1830
608-53 - SOLD


Folk Art, Profile Portrait,
Gentleman Positions before
Curtained Window, Lighthouse
843-331 - SOLD

The Fine and Rare
Whitmore Buggy
Rifle, Outstanding
308-544 - SOLD


A Carved Pilgrim
Period Bible Box,
Windsor Area, Connecticut
413-64 - SOLD

Federal Dressing Table,
Bowed Front, Blocked
Ends, Inlaid
270-174 $4,850

19th C. Splint Gathering
Berry Basket, Painted
New England, c 1870-1890
1002-313 $775

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