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Johannes Kreutzmann, Carved and Painted Wood Figure of Inuit Man
Circa 1880-1920 - SOLD

Johannes Kreutzmann (1862-1940) was born in the trading station Kangaamiut, located on a small island northwest of Maniitsoq/Sukkertoppen. “Ujuaannaat”, as he was called lived most of his life on Kangaamiut, a small Greenlandic trading station. He followed the tradition of his grandfather and father…learning to hunt and kayak in the waters surrounding their island. Beyond his adventurous expeditions, Kreutzmann also carried on the oral tradition of storytelling. His Danish grandfather, Ernst Kretzmer, born on Funen in 1784, he moved to Kangaamiut in 1823 and was the manager of the trading station to his death in 1853.

Later in life Kreutzmann was known as a sculptor, he is remembered for carving Inuit figures from driftwood. Many of his carved figures found their way to Denmark, where cthey were exhibited in the 1920s and 30s. Kreutzmann’s sculptures were so popular that they were exhibited in Paris, Rome and the 1939 World’s Fair in New York.

Today, Kreutzmann’s wood sculptures are in high demand, they remain popular and appear in museum exhibitions. His carvings are masterful works that illustrate life and inhabitants of a Greenlandic trading station.

Literature: Birte Haagen: “Johannes Kreutzmann 1862–1940” a similar figure is depicted p. 37. fig. no. 11.

(Height: 17”, missing fingers of right hand and entire left hand)

195-37 - SOLD

Tobacconist Trade Sign, Flattie, Profile of Native American Holding Cigar Bundles
Anonymous, Found in Illinois, circa 1860-1870
Double sided, featuring detailed carving and a historic surface history - SOLD

Likely cantilevered from base. Winward side displays thinning and paint loss; a wood knot is missing from earlobe… looks like an earring.
(Very good condition; height: 79"; width: 22.25"; depth: 2.25")

928-102 - SOLD

Folk Carved and Painted Bird, Fluid and Exuberant Decoration
Anonymous, In the Circle of the Pennsylvania carvers, circa 1890-1925 - SOLD

A small folk art carved and painted wooden bird featuring split and raised wings and groove-carved tail. Excellent painted detail, dry patina. The figure mounted on a lovely delicate baluster continuing to a domed out-of-round base turned of walnut. (Height: 4")



Ceramic Bust of a Mariner, American, Probably New England, Circa 1875
Unknown maker - SOLD

Original cobalt, iron and manganese colorants resulting in a primarily black glaze; the uniform and glazes suggest an 1875 or earlier dating. A complete analysis of the material and glazes has been performed by Winterthur and is included. (13-page report)
Condition: Please refer to the Scientific Research and Analysis Laboratory Analytical Report from Winterthur dated October 24, 2004. No repairs of restoration, various losses to the earthenware material especially around the bottom rim and to the left side of the coat; various glaze loses and age cracks. Holes at the stem of each arm and in the back are original and consistent to the firing process of such a large and dense piece. (Height: 17.5” , width11” )



Horse Sculpture, Laminated and Carved, Geometric Puzzle, Precise Anatomy
Likely Vermont, circa 1880-1900
Walnut, butternut and maple

Horse Sculpture, Laminated and Carved, Geometric Puzzle, Precise Anatomy
Likely Vermont, circa 1880-1900

Elaborately carved, stop-and-start groove-carved tail, leather and copper wire bridal;
carved saddle and leather flap, carved stirrups [separated]. The sculpture is mounted on a pierced and carved
base…center section displays a fan carving and the letters “BBQ”.
[BBQ" must be a Quebecois version of Boofaloe Beel Quoidy]

Literature: FOLK SCULPTURE USA, the catalog of a fabulous exhibition at the Brooklyn
Museum and LACMA in 1976. Our horse is illustrated on page 50, as part of the Margaret Woodbury
Strong Museum collection, Rochester, NY.

See: American Folk Sculpture by Robert Bishop, pp. 196-197, figure 361 and Young
America, A Folk Art History by Lipman, Warren and Bishop, page 143. Also, see
Pioneer Couple, in the Peabody Essex Museum Collection, illustrated without oxcart on
page 155 and discussed on page 36, In the American Spirit: Folk Art from The Collection.
For a great cognate see, The Collection of Raymond and Susan Egan, Northeast Auction,
August 5, 2006, pp. 114-115, lot 871. This example sold 10 October 2019 achieving
$30,000.00; Sculptural Fantasy, The Important American Folk Art Collection of Stephen
and Petra Levin, lot 106. See the Clarion, Fall 1982, page 37. The published examples were
apparently part of the group of forty figures; a diorama of American
life exhibited in a Vermont country store.

(The work sans carving depicting Cody remains in fine original condition;
horse: height: 17.75"; width: 4.25"; length: 22"; platform: 14.75 x 9")



Horse Sculpture, Laminated and Carved, Geometric Puzzle, Precise Anatomy
Likely Vermont, circa 1880-1900

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