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July 2019 Maine Antiques Digest Ad
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Masonic Shelf Bracket, What-Not Shelf Attributed to the John Haley Bellamy Workshop
Titcomb & Bellamy, Charlestown, Massachusetts
Walnut and parcel gilt, original surface

From 1866-1872 Bellamy and partner David Titcomb operated workshop in a space they rented within the Masonic Hall building in Charlestown, Massachusetts. He employed several carvers, including his brother Elijah. They made frames, clocks and shelves. This walnut shelf is intricately carved featuring an array of Masonic symbols true to his carving vocabulary.
(Excellent original condition; mentioned for accuracy is a tight shrinkage fissure to underside of shelf close to the bracket that does not distract or compromise the integrity. Height: 22"; width: 12"; depth: 6.25")



Cupboard, Paint Decorated Wall Cupboard, Original Surface History
Maine, 18th Century, Decorated Circa 1820-1830

Found in the Portland, Maine area, features orangey-red decoration against yellow ground; retains original “HL” hinges; original throughout. (75.5" x 39.5" x 17.5")



Folk Art Portrait, Watercolor, Profile, Best Mustard Yellow Painted Frame
New England, circa 1820-1830
Handsome blue-eyed gentleman, the portrait within original frame [and glass]SOLD

(Fine Condition; frame: 4.25 x 5"; view: 2.75 x 3.5")


Paint Decorated Blanket Chest on Turnip Feet
Pennsylvania, circa 1840
Bold black composition against a red field…quite dramatic!

Molded hinged top projecting over dovetail joined case; molded base resting on turned feet. (Pigment remains strong; minor scattered imperfections to top will be easily restored although it is fine as-is.



Gameboard, Reverse Painted on Glass, 19th Century
(Frame: 17.25" x 17.25"; view: 15.5" x 15.5")

Appears to be in original frame with original backboards.
The spandrels have been restored; five color board is untouched.



Windsor Stool, Medium-high Height, Delicate, Yarn Sewn Top, Original Surface
Unknown maker, circa 1780-1820

The circular top features concentric rings turned into the side; beautiful long legs pierce the seat then taper-and-swell to nodules…tapering again to small feet.
(Fine condition; height: 13.5"; seat diameter: 10.5")



Mirror, Dutch Ebonized Ripple Molded Frame, Looking Glass, Circa 1680
Large size period frame, overall: 22 by 24” , view area 13 by 10.5”
Period example retaining original surface

Good condition with minor imperfections consistent with age, use and environment



Fine and Rare "Fishing Lady" Canvaswork Picture, Piping Shepherd and Shepherdess
Boston, Massachusetts, Circa 1740-1770
Finely wrought, silk and wool embroidery on linen ground, tent stich

Attributed to the Boston School of “Fishing Lady” Needlework. This needlework displaying an upright couple within an elaborate pastoral landscape featuring animals and flowers; depicted is a man in red coat with horn followed by a running dog, and a lady wearing a pink striped dress carrying floral basket on her head and staff in her hand. The work includes flanking trees, birds and butterflies; a black and white spotted dog, three lambs, and flowering plants, all before a large house on hillock issuing smoke from chimney. LITERATURE: A closely related needlework picture dated 1746, (Winterthur collection), is illustrated in Betty Ring's Girlhood Embroidery, volume I, page 46, figure 43. Betty mentions another in Historical Society of Old Newbury. (The work remains on original stretcher and is mounted within a period frame that may also be original; some thread thinning and fading, else fine and original; frame: 23 x 17.25”; view: 19.75 x 14”)



Portrait, Schoolboy Seated in Sheraton Chair
Unknown Artist, 19th Century

A fine rendering remaining in outstanding original condition. The frame molding is said to have been harvested from the boy’s family home. (Frame: 17" x 15"; view: 11" x 9")



Hepplewhite Work Table, Original Condition, Legs Spaced Wide Enough to Sit, Red Paint
New England, circa 1800
Pine, white and yellow

The thin overhanging top on plain apron [single drawer, original pull] joining tapered legs. The top displays an honest allover scrubbed finish; remaining surfaces retain original red with great patina. (Overall good condition, shrinkage gap to top that can easily be pulled together by our restorer or yours; height: 28.5"; top: 25.5 x 33")



Chest of Drawers, State of Maine, Original Paint and Decoration, Rare White Paint
Maine, circa 1825-1840
Stenciled and freehand decoration, green trim against a rare palate of white

With scrolled backboard featuring brass bosses, three short drawers on case of containing projecting long drawer over three drawers below, centered by turned columns continuing to vase and ring-turned legs on ball feet. The blocks flanking projecting drawer are ornamented with ormolu mounts as are the column bases.
(Excellent original condition with minor fill limited to top-drawer; 43"x19.5"x51")



Cupboard, Corner, Paint Decorated, Glazed Door, Molded Cornice, Paneled Doors
Bedford County, Pennsylvania, circa 1815-1820
Soft woods, finely grained, small size
Presented in an original and excellent surface, a remarkable example of Pennsylvania style graining.

A small one-part grain-painted corner cupboard, robust crown-molding and dental molding above nine-light glazed door in white paint opening to a shelved white-painted interior over a double-raised-panel door. The whole raised on a molded and applied bracket-base joined by valanced apron. The cupboard remains in original paint; cleaned and restored by Peter Dean; some very minor scattered touch-up performed by Peter.
Restoration report is available.



Medieval Candlestick, Bunsen Burner Style
England, 15th Century
Simple socket on stem raised from a round low skirted base

The stem features a finely cast, lathe finished central discoid knop with a top and bottom molding, a true English form differentiated from Continental forms by the absence of feet (or tripod) and aperture for candle ejection. The shaft stub may have been expertly peened with patina added; base is out-of-round. (6.5"x3.5")



Maine Farm House and Landscape Painting on Board
Signed, A.B. Fisk, 1874
Oil on Wood Panel

Center chimney house with Ell, outbuilding and barn with ell within fenced farm landscape. The picture was painted on a very early furniture or architectural fragment displaying sawyers’ marks and a deep brown patina. (20.75" x 11")



Inclinometer, Plumb and Level Indicator, Rufus Porter, Circa 1847, Rare Type I
An extremely rare first type inclinometer by famed inventor, artist and publisher of Scientific American, true Renaissance man- Rufus Porter… only the third we have handled in nearly forty-years! A very special piece of Americana that speaks to multiple collecting interests; appealing to level/tool enthusiasts and to followers of Rufus Porter.

Porter inclinometers of any type are very rare, the first type is almost unknown. This is destined to be the highlight of any advanced collection of inclinometers/levels.

The illustrated dial is printed on paper; dial face depicts masons using the device to construct/level a wall. The engraving is clear and mostly complete with some water damage and three small paper losses at lower left, the indicator needle retains 50% of original bluing and about 85% of weight gilding. The 8.75” glass appears to be original.

Based on when Porter first advertised his inclinometer in Scientific American (Vol. 2, No. 11, Dec. 5, 1846), it is believed he developed this device in early 1846. While the later versions are marked “patent applied for”, no known patent was granted. Whereas so few of Porter's levels are known, we assume that he didn't produce these in quantity or for very long.

Spandrels center the chapter ring framing depiction of masons using the device. Finely joined walnut frame retains original finish; likely original glass. (8.75 by 8.75” )



Chandelier, Double Cone Finial on Tapered Column, Six Candle Nozzles
American, Unknown Maker, Early 19th Century

Chandelier, tinned sheet iron, top tier featuring three nozzles with folded rims and ejection slits within bobeches having molded edges… on crimped and scrolled arms with wire reinforced edges. A most unusual lower tier consisting of three dished grease pans, each with folded rim and a single nozzle as previously described. Original wrought iron hanging hook. (Height: 22.5", diameter: 18")




Model Airplane, Army Biplane, Carved and Painted, Fine Original Condition
Curtiss Falcon WWI US Army Air Corps Biplane
Unknown Maker

Carved of wood, original paint, excellent original condition
Wingspan: 55"; height:12"; length: 39.5"



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