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Antique Associates at West Townsend

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July 2022 MAD........... Follow the Links for Pics and Descriptions

Dated, “Bickerstaff’s Boston
Almanack or Federal Calendar,
for 1790, Second after Leap-
Year, and Fourteenth of
290-82 $2,950

Puzzle, Toy, The Blown-Up
Steamer, A Fire Engine
Puzzle, Milton Bradley
176-221 - SOLD

Photography, Tintype, Four
Firemen in Parade
Uniform, Wearing Helmets
1417-3 $395

Photography, Tintype, Three
Veteran Firemen’s Association
Members in Uniform
1417-2 $285

Historic Medal, Charles
Lindbergh New York to
Paris Commemorative Medal
849-129 $345

Porcelain, Lidded Vegetable
Serving Dish, Purportedly
Celebrating Abolition
Act of 1833
1213-43 $1,950

Candelabrum, Pair of
Eight Light Flatback
Candelabra, Original Paint
745-245 $13,900

Weathervane, Rooster,
Full Bodied,
Honest Verdigris Surface
1310-154 $3,600

Staffordshire Transferware,
Historical Blue, Dix
Cove Africa, Soup Tureen
1213-44 - SOLD

Stoneware, Staffordshire,
Salt Glaze, Pitcher, George
Washington Portrait, Brown
1121-69 $1,250

Trade Sign, "FOR SALE
or to LET", 19th C.,
Great Weathered Surface
935-32 $2,150

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