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Howard Gilt Zinc & Copper Rooster Weathervane, C. 1854-1867, Original Surface History
Best Surface, Fine Original Condition, (J. Howard, West Bridgewater, Mass - SOLD

Two-part hollow cast zinc flattened full-body vane, with corrugated sheet copper tail and cast copper feet, supported on an iron bar; displaying a historic painted surface in dry patina. A similar rooster vane by J. Howard is illustrated in The Art of the Weathervane by Steve Miller, Schiffer Publishing, Pennsylvania, 1984, page 37, and A Gallery of American Weathervanes and Whirligigs, by Robert Bishop and Patricia Coblenz, Crown Publishers, 1981, page 34.
(27 X 24.25”)

923-4 - SOLD

Chinese School, After Edward Savage (American, 1761-1817), LIBERTY
For the American market
Depicting Liberty as the goddess of youth Hebe, featuring the Boston Harbor and State House in the background at lower right. - SOLD

Artists and propagandists during the late 18th and early 19th centuries were often inspired by standard iconic images, figures, and symbols displaying revolutionary ideology and republican values. This famous work represents an outstanding example of the integration of these symbols combined within a single, allegorical image. In this work is the beautiful Lady Liberty as the Goddess of Youth Hebe, wearing a flowing Classical robe, she offers a cup, sustenance to the American eagle whom has descended from the sky; a sunburst illuminating his wings and Liberty. Liberty is attracting light to a darkened world; note that she is positioned before a nearly obscured Doric column; artists were not shy when connecting the new Republican age to the Classical period. Under Lady Liberty's right foot are symbols of the era's revolutionary sentiments: a key, a royal garter, a broken scepter and chains, this vignette signifying the destruction of the tyrannical bonds that had long given the British monarchy power over Americans. The port of Boston, location of the legendary Tea Party is shown behind Liberty; Boston was also the target of many "Intolerable Acts." The artist included dramatic bolts of lightning reaching from the skies roiling clouds, suggesting the future storm that would cause revolutionary winds of change for Boston and the entire Young Republic. Surmounting the image is the American flag, displaying fifteen stars, flying from a pole crowned with a liberty cap which is seen in many contemporary, revolutionary images.

Literature: A similar Chinese export reverse painting on glass is illustrated in The Decorative Arts of the China Trade, by Carl L. Crossman, The Antique Collector's Club, publishers, p. 217, plate 122.

View area: 23.5-inches by 1/2 x 17.5-inches; Frame: 19.25 x 25.75-inches.


Joseph Whiting Stock (1815-1855), Folk Art Portrait, Young Girl in Blue Dress Against Landscape
A scarcely encountered small format, oil on canvas - SOLD

The artist’s 1838 journal records only one canvas measuring 19 by 16-inches; “Jane Livsey, her daughter from corpse do 16 – 19. See page 17, The Paintings and Journal of Joseph Whiting Stock by Juliette Tomlinson.
(Original stretcher, unlined, extremely minor old restoration; Mounted within an appropriate antiques modern frame; Frame: 20 x 23"; view: 19 x 16")

1221-20 - SOLD

Apache Knuckle Duster, Knife Pistol, Palm Pistol, Squeezer, Nickle Silver Frame
Combination weapon of steel knuckles waved blade knife and .22-caliber revolver - SOLD

The 3 1/8” knife is mounted on left side of frame, folds to rear on side of frame; mainspring is on right side of frame; knuckle folds and locks forming pistol grip; double-action folding trigger and spurless hammer. The six-shot cylinder with long flutes is a mottled brown. This third-quarter nineteenth century weapon made famous by the French underground is not signed however it is a fine example with tight and smooth action; it is certain to please the most demanding collector.

308-447 - SOLD

Kaleidoscope, Parlor Model by C.G. Bush, Claremont, New Hampshire, Scarce
Circa 1875 - SOLD

Stamped by maker, dry cell type, two mirror, 5-point, removeable lens cap
Made between 1873 and 1900. Turned wood pedestal on tripod base. 9.5" high. Scope is 10.25" long, 3.5" diameter. Cardboard tube with brass end and brass ship's wheel turning dry cell with ampules; 2-mirror system, 5-point mandala, magnifying end.

1218-6 - SOLD

Pair of Paint Decorated Windsor Tablet-Back Chairs, Likely Baltimore Area, Circa 1825
The freehand decoration features village buildings and trees; decorative borders - SOLD

(Excellent original condition; height: 37”, seat height: 18”, seat measures 16 by 16.5”)

1221-7 - SOLD

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