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Antique Associates at West Townsend

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November 2022 MAD........... Follow the Links for Pics and Descriptions

Folk Art, Ammi Phillips,
Pair of Portraits, Robert Morris
Claverack, New York
1480-1 $16,850

Delft Charger, Jacob and
Esau, Blue and White
Biblical Dishes, 18th Century
232-365 $1,585

A Period Boys (Academy)
Infantry Musket with
Bayonet, St. Blasien
Arsenal Waldshut District
728-57 $2,900

Portrait, Mordecai Gist,
Revolutionary War Continental
Army Brigadier General
997-42 $2,850

Hourglass, Sandglass
From the Brig Cedrick,
Built Duxbury, Mass.
1256-122 $1,400

Portrait, Profile of George
Washington, After James
Sharples or Other Sharples
1121-80 - SOLD

Rose Medallion
Punch Bowl
China Circa 1850
505-167 $4,250

Fireplace Mantel, Carved,
Turned and Paint
Decorated Surround,
East or Middle Tennessee
859-29 $4,950

Andirons, Knife Blade Form,
Penny Feet, Brass
Finials, Stamped IC
492-243 $1,395

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