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March 2020 Maine Antiques Digest Ad
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March 2020 MAD........... Follow the Links for Pics and Descriptions

Antique, Fine Flintlock Fowler, Outstanding, 7.5-Feet Long! Amazing Condition
British Lock Marked Grice within Rococo Ribbon, William Grice, Circa 1760-1770
Birmingham and London, Worked 1766-1777

Antique Flintlock Fowler
Seven and a half feet!
308-472 SOLD

Antique Needlework Picture, Canvas Work, Wool
Anonymous, America or England, Circa 1750

Antique Needlework
Canvas Work Picture

925-40 $11,975

Antique Sheraton Paint Decorated Blanket Chest, Turned Feet
Likely Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1800-1840
Poplar, butternut till

Sheraton Paint Decorated
Blanket Chest 6 Board

1307-3 $3,600

 Antique Salt Glazed Stoneware Ovoid Jug, Bellarmine 

Probably Frechen, Germany, 17th Century

Stoneware Ovoid Jug
Bellermine, Graybeard
843-309 $1,250


 Brown Saltglaze Stoneware Bartman Jug, Frechen, Bellarmine 
Bearded Man
Germany, Circa 1600
Three applied crowned medallions

Brown Saltglaze Stoneware
Bartman Jug, Frechen
1008-10 $3,100

Salt Glazed Stoneware Bellarmine Jug, Graybeard, Bartman, 
Frechen, Three Medallions
Germany, 17th Century

Bellermine Jug, Graybeard
Salt Glazed Stoneware

1012-91 $3,250

Antique Candlesticks, Prickets, Near Pair,
Brass and Iron
German, 15th or 16th Century
A large attractive and robust pair in typical form

Antique Candlesticks
Prickets, Near Pr.
843-214 $5,650

Pilgrim Century Linen-Fold Board Chest
Dated 1697, Initialed “SL” Massachusetts,
Connecticut River Valley Yellow Pine

Pilgrim Century
Linen Fold Chest
514-258 $10,500


 Chippendale Reverse Serpentine Chest, Claw and Ball Feet, 

Blocked Ends
Probably Coastal Massachusetts, Circa 1780
Figured mahogany, original post and bail brasses

Chippendale Reverse
Serpentine Chest
274-226 $34,450


 Antique William and Mary Kas
in Original Red Surface, New York
New York City, Circa 1720 to 1730

William and Mary KAS
Original Red Surface

271-55 $27,950


Engraving, The Honorable Gurdon Saltonstall, Governor of 

Engraved for Dr. Trumbull's History of Connecticut
By Amos Dolittle (1754 to 1832) after John Trumbull

Early Engraving
Conn. Gov. Saltonstall
997-8 $495


John Winthrop, Engraving, Engraved for Dr. Trumbull's 

History of Connecticut
By Amos Doolittle after John Trumbull

Early Engraving
Conn. Gov. Winthrop
997-9 $495


 Lantern Clock, Thomas Clay, Seventeenth Century
Chelmsford, Essex, England; 17th Century

Lantern Clock
Thomas Clay 17th C
843-236 $9,650


Antique Lantern Clock, G. Maynard, Melford
George Maynard, Long Melford

Lantern Clock
G. Maynard, Melford

997-35 $7,250


Lantern Clock, Griffin Rayment,
Bury, St. Edmunds, Suffolk,
Prolific Clock Making Family Griffin (1722-1769)
was son of Son of the famous Richard Rayment (1686-1754) 

30-hour rope driven, circa 1730-1760,

Lantern Clock
Griffin Rayment 18th C.
1012-137 $7,800


Antique Domed Coffret, Sharkskin, Shagreen Covered Domed 

Casket, Ironbound
French, circa 1700
Extremely rare casket on ball feet, iron strapwork, double 

hasp lock, silk damask interior

Antique Domed Coffer
Shark/ Shagreen Covered 605-120 $10,500


 Washington Before Boston Medal, Original Die, Early 

Strike, Circa 1789
Beautiful chocolate brown, certified
See, Medallic Washington, Volume 1, 1777 to 1860
by Neil Musante, page 45; GW-09-P1

Medal, Washington
Before Boston GW-09-01
1306-1 $30,500


1795 Liberty and Security, Lettered Edge, Copper, 29.5mm, 

Very Rare

1795 Liberty & Security
GW-48 Lettered Edge

1306-12 $1,365


Large Sansom Medal, Circa 1879, Very rare, 46mm, Bronze

Large Sansom Medal
C. 1879 GW-60
1306-7 $1,400


Antique Domed Coffret, Sharkskin, Shagreen Covered Domed 

Casket, Ironbound
French, circa 1700
Extremely rare casket on ball feet, iron strapwork, double 

hasp lock, silk damask interior

Sansom Medal C.1805
Bronze GW-58, Rare

1306-5- $3,075


 1889 Inauguration Centennial Medal, White metal, Rare, 


1889 Inauguration
Centennial Medal GW-187
1306-15 $595


Liverpool Halfpenny, 1st Obverse, 2nd Reverse, Circa 1791, 

Rare, 31mm

Liverpool Halfpenny
1st Obverse. 2nd R. GW-19

1306-13 $2,450


Series Numismatica Medal, Washington Issue, Misspelled, 

Circa 1830, 41.9mm

Series Nusmismatica
Washington Issue GW-100.
1306-8 $1950




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