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Antique Treen Dish,Trencher
New England 4th Q, 18th C
1283-80 - SOLD


Antique Treen Dish, Trencher
Large Wooden Plate. C 1790
1283-83 - SOLD


Antique Pewter Qt.Tankard
William Charlesley, London
365-360 $1,875

American Pewter Dish
James Porter C.1800
365-362 $1,565

Pewter Tasting Porringer
R. Lee, Springfield, Vt.
365-365 $1,200

Pewter Quart Mug
Parks Boyd, Penn. C 1800.
365-361 $3,125

Painted Chalkware Rooster
Pennsylvania, 2nd Half 19th
1283-15 - SOLD

Red Ovoid Jug
Penn. 1840
1283-12 $395

Antique Redware Jug
Conn. or Rhode Island
1256-48 $950

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Antique Pipe Box, Crusty Red
New England, C.1780-1800.
1283-29 - SOLD

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Ben Franklin Silver Medal
Alexander Gifford 1815
849-101 $2,850

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Child's ABC Plate Leopard
Brownhills Potter Co. C 1892
1350-4 - SOLD

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