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February 2020 Maine Antiques Digest Ad
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February 2020 MAD.....Follow the links or Full Pics and Descriptions


 Portrait, Young Man, Wm Prior	Frame: 19 x 14.5

Portrait Young Man
By Wm Prior
249-43 $7,325


Bedwarmer, Paint Dec Handle	Length: 44

Antique Bedwarmer
Paint Decorated Handle

532-136 SOLD


Fruit Theorem W/C on Paper

Fruit Theorem
Watercolor on Paper
898-31 $2,750


heart and hand artist watercolor

Antique Watercolor
Heart and Hand Artist
898-26 $3,350


Antique Folk Art Presentation Paddles

Antique Folk Art
Presentation Paddles
898-28 $2,085


Armchair, Portsmouth, Original Surface

Portsmouth Armchair
Original Surface

1008-73 $1,875


745-181	Chair, Side, Bannister Back

Bannister Back
Side Chair
745-181 $1,795


Pilgrim Century Carver Chair

Pilgrim Century
Carver Chair
1039-80 $18,500


Antique Shaker Dining or Work Table

Shaker Table
Work or Dining
1039-59 $4,985


Herb Grinder

Antique Kitchenware
Herb Grinder, Wooden

745-175 $925


shaker counter, rare

Shaker Counter
Rare and Special
1039-60 SOLD


French Song Mancelle, Watercolor, Napoleon Watermark

French Song..Mancelle
Watercolor, Napoleon WM
1039-64 $6,985


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