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Painting, Folk Art Cat
Circa 1880-1900ish
1310-99 - SOLD

Folk Art, American Harbor
Scene, Sailing Ships,
Identified Buildings
1334-24 $9,750

New England Folk Art
Portrait, Young Gentleman,
Sprigged Vest
1287-6 - SOLD

Whirligigs, Carved &
Painted Pair of Folk
Art Stick Figures,
Goateed Men, Tin Hat
608-9 $4,875


Ladies Work Box,
Sewing & Writing
Compendia, Extraordinary
659-223 $1,975

Painted Blanket Chest,
Outstanding Scalloped
& Pierced Apron
424-364 - SOLD

Removed From Site

Carved & Painted Folk
Art Carving, George
Washington, Fragment
1287-5 $2,250

Stoneware Churn,
Ohio, Spotted Bird
on Stump, 10-Gallon
859-11 $5,800

Antique, Paint Decorated
Lift Top Trunk,
M.L. Whips
1287-8 $1,850

Antique Trade Sign,
Original Paint
608-67 $2,850

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