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Portrait, Daniel Webster,
Joseph Whiting Stock,
19th C. Oil on canvas
1121-35 $4,975

Cupboard-Hanging, Flared
& Stepped Cornice,
Paneled Door, Molded
Base Pennsylvania,
circa 1800
928-96 - SOLD

19th Century Painting,
Landscape, Waterscape,
Diamond Cove, Charles
Codman Great Diamond
Island, Maine
290-54 - SOLD



19th Century Diminutive
Dome-top Trunk,
Outstanding Decoration
America, early 19th C.
Poplar and white pine
898-34 - SOLD

18th Century Slant-lid
Desk on Frame, Queen Anne
Coastal Southeastern
New England, c. 1740-1750
1345-1 - SOLD

Early Turned Bowl,
Rare Size, Original Surface
History New England.
19th Century
1002-323 $850


Vermont Paint Decorated
Two Part Blind Door
Secretary Likely Southwestern
Vermont, circa 1830 Maple
and basswood, OUTSTANDING
original faux graining
410-181 $2,450

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